Great Hunger and Wars of Gods and Demons in the End of the Early Miocene - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Great Hunger and Wars of Gods and Demons in the End of the Early Miocene

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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It is said in the Vaticanus Codex that in the end of the Fourth world epoch a war had begun between gods, and there was a terrible hunger on the Earth.
In all legends of Nahua and Aztecs the end of this epoch was marked by "crash down of heavens" and deluge which proceeded 52 years. During deluge the most part of "people" ("they had been knocked down by water") was lost, and survived "people" had turned to fishes.
Approximately about the same Sumerian myth about creation of people by Enki say:
"In former days [the early Miocene - A.K.] when heavens were abjointed from land, in former nights when land was abjointed from heavens the nation of inhabitants of heaven had increased and suffered affliction from shortage of nutriment.
Immortal persons had begged foremother Nammu, begging her to satisfy their hunger …. " (A myth about creation of people by Enki).
The Akkadian-Babylon poem "When above" affirms that after victory of Marduk over Tiamat after the short period of carefree life of gods time had come when they began to endure cold and hunger and had come to him for help.
According to Japanese myths, after leaving of Ninigino in "heavenly rocky chambers" under pressure of snakes, dragons and demons, sun gods became to send "on land" one after another groups of
blond representatives (led by Oshi-Homi, then Ame-Noho, then Ame-Vako). But they peacefully got on with snakemen, married their women and gave birth to joint brooding of giants. Eventually, heavenly gods Take-Mino and Tori-Bune managed to beat terrestrial spirits. Apparently, it happened in the end of the Early Miocene.
Summarising stated above and other facts from my books "Battles of ancient gods" and "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves", it is possible to conclude that in the end of the Early Miocene whether because of overpopulation of the Earth (both its light, and dark half), whether because of sharp deterioration of climatic conditions in connection with loss of the water-steam layer of atmosphere, wars began between different groups of gods and demons in which the most part of population of the planet was involved.
The world had shared on two conflicting groupings. White and black skinned daityas and danavas were in one of them. In another - adityas, gandharvas, apsaras, multiarmed beings and dragon-people (and here , here and here) (truth, it is not always clearly, which of them). Their union (and here), most likely, was formed in the early Miocene time and evidence of it is  friendly attitudes of "new" people Balam-Quitze, Balam-Akab, Mahucutah and Equebalam to old gods-giants of Tohil - Quetzalcoatl, Avilish, Hakavitz who prophesied them fast domination over the world. The local unions of daityas and danavas and gandharvas -elves, and also agreements on mutual aid on support between them or adityas and snakemen - incomers of semiaquatic-semiterrestrial mode of life, continued to exist in some regions.
Wars between adityas and their descendants, daityas and danavas and their descendants, snakemen - native inhabitants of the Earth and snakemen - incomers were continually waged on the Earth. And, in most cases it is difficult to perceive, who against whom fought during what time. The Indian legends say only that all groupings existed on the Earth took part in the most fights.

The beginning of the theme/Boundary between the early and middle Miocene - separation of the Moon from Earth. Acquisition of modern kind by our planet

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