Great Catastrophes in the History of Earth - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Great Catastrophes in the History of Earth

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In the "Great catastrophes in the history of Earth" by A. Koltypin there are considered the main geological events (benchmarks) occured during global catastrophes at the Permian-Triassic boundary, the Cretaceous-Palaeogen boundary and at the bondaries of other geological epochs. The evidences are given that all global catastrophes on Earth run approximately under the same scenario: strongest tectonic and volcanic activity - fires - gloom - frosts - oxygen content downturn - rise of sea level =  great deluges (flood) - acid rains. As a result of all these events the extinction of a larger part of animals and plants which lived on the Earth took place. The scenario of the catastrophes matches with surprising accuracy to a catastrophe's descriptions in legends of different people and the scenario of nuclear war, worked out by American scientists K Sagan and P Kruttsen and Soviet academician NN Moiseyev.
n the end of the article the conclusion is done that many (perhaps, all) catastrophes resulted in formation of huge surges of tsunami which washed away all earlier accumulated sediments. It means that if by the time of catastrophes there were any reasonable civilizations on Earth (also on other planets) that cultural layers accumulated by them, most likely, had been washed  away too. And together with them all material remains of "our far grandparents" the life time of which, similarly to the progress of our civilization, had to be boundless small in comparison with preceding rounds of evolution of life on our (and others) planet (planets), could disappear completely.
The given supposition easily explains that strange circumstance (and can be, delusion) that during almost 5 billion years reasonable life on the Earth was originated only once. Perhaps, in arms of geologists, on the circumstances given above,  proofs of existence
of this reasonable life have not got yet.

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