Global Catastrophes, Changes of Earth's Axis Position and Destructions on the Earth - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Global Catastrophes, Changes of Earth's Axis Position and Destructions on the Earth

Great catastrophes
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Performed in my books "Battle of ancient gods" and "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves" the comparison of geologic data with legends and myths of different people has demonstrated that during the Oligocene, Neogene and Quaternary there were repeated displacements (shifts) of Earth's axis. The main causes of it were global catastrophes. More often such displacements (shifts) did not exceed 15-30 °. In separate periods of the history (the Early Miocene, 23-16 million years ago) Earth furthermore strongly  slowed the rotation, and there was a perpetual day on its one half, and a night - on another.

The Earth's axis displacements (shifts) were a additional powerful factor of destructions and devastations on our planet, besides the destructions caused by impacts of asteroids or  blows of nuclear/ other bombs, by periods of gloom and chill, by long  showers and  devastating floods. It is related with that Earth is not absolutely solid body. Under the influence of forces of rotation it takes the form, close to an oblate near poles ellipsoid. Changes of the location of Earth's axis should entail planetary mass redistribution. To acquire a new form, millenaries were required to Earth , - but waters of oceans passed to incursion immediately.
According to the calculations of known polish astronomer Ludwig Zaydler (1966) if before a catastrophe the equator was situated 30 ° to the south of its modern position, that  from the south parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans surges about 5 km in altitude would rush off, which would meet with surges, which would come from the northern regions and would flood the highest mounts. And imagine yourselves, the traces of activity of the sea of 12-thousand-year old really have been found out on the altitude of 4-5 km in Mexico and Bolivia. Therefore it is quite possible that remnants of the legendary Noah's Ark are now on Ararat mount in Turkey (5165 m) .

Read my work "Last days of the Great Northern civilization - the descendants of white gods. What has happened in the Northeastern Asia, Alaska and the shelf of Arctic ocean 12 thousand years ago? The reconstructions on a joint of geology and history"

Forming of a new ellipsoid of rotation what Earth is,  should also cause grandiose horizontal and vertical displacements of mainlands, attended by formation of numerous faults, foldings and eruptions of volcanous. 

Especially strong, truly terrifying aftereffects (consequences) should occur at Earth's axis  displacements (shifts) at 50-60 ° and more. In this case almost nothing could be saved on Earth, and after such catastrophe the world would appear absolutely other.

If to be guided by descriptions given in the "Mahabharata", "Vishnu purana", "Avesta",  other Old Indian, Old Iranian texts, Mayan epos of "Popol-Vuh", Aztec codes of "Vatikanus", "Telleriano Remensis", "Rios", slavonic legends of the cycle of Svarog,  Scandinavian, Grecian and other legends, on the Earth, at least, there was once a catastrophe of such scale (and here) after which the new world was created (and here) instead of destroyed one. And, perhaps, there were two-three-four similar catastrophes.

Read my works "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?" and "Legends and hypotheses about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophes at the boundaries between the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world epochs, acquisition of modern appearance by Earth and emergence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens"  

Even Earth's axis displacements
(shifts) at 15-30 ° resulted in very sizeable destructions. Though, for certain, in such events there remained districts of the surface of Earth with survived people and animals.
For those of you who wish to learn more about events of such scale occuring on Earth, I recommend to read H. Bellamy book "Built before the flood. The problem of
the Tiahuanaco ruins". The author has told in it about the reason of a high level of the sea (on the altitude 4-5 km) in South America 12 thousand years ago. According to H. Bellamy, at that period of time in the extreme North the sea were not absolutely. And, as it is not surprising, his opinion is confirmed by the results of drilling of ocean deposits!

The section "Great catastrophes"/Continuation "Shift of the Poles - a slip of lithosphere or a change of incline of Earth's axis?"

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