Giants and Titans - Predecessors and Contemporaries of People. How Big were these Gods and Demons? - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Giants and Titans - Predecessors and Contemporaries of People. How Big were these Gods and Demons?

Origin of gods and men
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“Once the world began with the Giants,
Now, from these, only the human race remained.
One giant was a big pile of people,
Afterwards. As the rain drops coming cloud
The Giants declined race for native
And were small fry, calling people.
Colossi you first created, the great God,
An anthill created much later”
Victor Hugo. "The End of Satan"

The iron pillar in Delhi, India

One of my friends sent a photo of a bas-relief from some Indian or Indo-Chinese temple (very similar to the bas-reliefs of Angkor), which depicts a scene that seems to be setting a tall iron column such as the one at Qutb Minar.
This iron pillar is seven meters high and weighs in at six and a half tons and is part of the architectural ensemble of the Qutb Minar, located about 20 kilometers south of Old Delhi. It is one of the most famous attractions of India. Initially the iron pillar was on the eastern side of the country in the Vishnu Temple Complex in the city of Mathura. It was crowned with the image of the sacred bird Garuda and stood in front of the temple. It is believed that the column was set there 415 AD.

A similar iron pillar but even larger, established in the III century, stands in the Indian city of Dhar  ( For information in English on Qutb Minar see:

The iron pillar is the subject of many legends because of its exceptional resistance to atmospheric corrosion, given the fact that it does not contain any dopants. There is a most improbable hypothesis regarding its origin that also attempts to explain why the column constituted of iron does not oxidize in air.
Despite the fact that the iron tower was erected in modern times, no one can say for sure when it was cast. It could have happened in 415 AD or ten thousand and ten million years ago ...

The bas-relief of the iron pillar in India establishes its builders were giants of approximately 3.5 meters in height

But back to the image in bas-relief. It is clearly seen that the column was set by giants whose height was greater than the growth of the elephants, and only half the length of the column. The inescapable conclusion is these builders were about 3.5 meters tall. вернемся к изображению на барельефе.
Who were these giants? I realized who they were after a visit to the temples of Thailand and Cambodia. Photo reports about my trip presented in the "Photo Gallery" and "My explorations"
In my article "Aditya, Daityas and Danavas" there are images of the white and black gods (demigods) and the demons of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Thom called the Parade of Angels (Adityas) and the Parade of Demons (Daityas and Danavas). Note the difference between individual faces and hats of the Adityas and Danavas. This same difference is clearly seen in all the sculptures and bas-reliefs of the temple complex of Angkor, as can be seen on the pages "Disappeared Inhabitants of Earth in the Sculpture of the Temple Complex of Angkor (Cambodia)" and "Churning of the Ocean in the Sculpture of Angkor Wat (Cambodia)."
The images of the giants setting the iron pillar on the bas-relief are of Daityas or Danavas. The ancient sculptor depicted them having a height of about 3.5 m. The same size is indicated by looking carefully at the photographs of the Adityas of the temple complex of Angkor Wat.

Thus, my statement earlier in the paper "Adityas, Daityas and Danavas” suggesting that Adityas, Daityas and Danavas were giants with a human appearance was confirmed. 

As depicted in the bas-reliefs of the temple complex of Angkor, these giants were twice the height of people today

Let's now look at the page shown in "Giants in the Murals and Bas-reliefs of Temples in Thailand and Cambodia". These are images on the walls of Angkor Wat. One can clearly see on these bas-reliefs that the depictions of a lot of giants (Daityas, Danavas) are almost twice as tall as the people around them. Based upon this, it can be concluded that their height was from 3 to 3.5 meters.

Many-armed and many-headed giants (Nephilim) and demons (Rakshasas) had a height of about 5 meters

In addition to these relatively smaller giant gods and demons, on all of the above pages are also depictions of many-headed and many-armed giants (Nephilim) and demons (Rakshasas) which were at least 1.5 times taller than the Daityas and Adityas. Some of them were even larger than this reaching dimensions several times that of modern man. From this it can be assumed that the ancient sculptors were depicting the time on Earth when modern-sized people lived simultaneously with giants - gods and demons. This would be the period of cohabitation of gods, demons and humans described in Indian, Indo-Chinese, Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and other legends.
In summary, there were at least two sizes of giants: humanoid god and demon giants  (Aditya, daitya and danavas) about 3-3.5 meters tall and the many-headed and many-armed giants (Nephilim) and demons (Rakshasa, Nirriti, apparently Pishacha, Rudra and Yaksas) who were at least 5 meters tall.
Among the various legends, such giants would include such ‘gods’ as Indra, Varuna, Mitra, Virochana, Vaishwanara, Surya and many other s
un gods (in ancient Iran they were in the camps of Ahura-Mazda and Angra Mainyu or Ahriman). In the Slavic pantheon, they would include Svarozhich and probably Dyevichi (Svarog, Dazhdbog, Lucifer, Diva, Perun, Simargl, Indra, etc.), in the German-Scandinavian pantheon would be the Æsir and the Vanir (Odin, Thor, Tyr, Bragi, Njord, Frey etc.) and in the Greek would be the Titans and the Olympians (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Kronos, Ocean, Kay, etc.). The descendants of these giants would include the partly human figures such as  Hercules, Perseus, Sigmund, Arjuna, and others. They were also tall and of a gigantic physique.
The leader of the Rakshasas was the giant Ravana, the ruler of the Yaksas was the giant Kubera, the lord of the Nirrities was Nirriti. Akin to the Rakshasas were ancient Greek giants Hecatonchires or hundred-armed led by Hecate, the Scandinavian frost giants (hrímþursar), fire giants (eldjötnar), and mountain giants (bergrisar), the ancient Greek one-eyed giants called Cyclops, the Slavic giants Volotys, Nagas, Viyevichs, and, to some extent, Rudras, led by the multi-armed (and according to some, many-legged) Rudra - Shiva of Indian legends. These giant gods/demons also include the Chinese-armed giant Chi, the Japanese giant of country roads called Prince Saruta, the spider goddess (spider grandmother, spider woman and also known as the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan) of the Hopi called Kokyangwuti (daughter of Sotuknang), the old gods of the Maya Tohil (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan),  Avilish and Hacavitz,   many-armed Chinese, Korean and Japanese goddesses Guan Yun, Kwang-Youm, Canon and Vishnu.


How long ago was it that these giants depicted in the bas-reliefs were alive on our planet and how long did they live contemporaneously with people? These questions are discussed in my other articles posted on the site and in more detail in my books.

And here is what the Tibetan lama T. Lobsang Rampa has to say about giants in his autobiographical novel "The Third Eye" (chapters entitled "Potala Palace" and "Last initiation") - see next page

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