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Giants and Nuclear Wars of Previous Epochs. Why should People learn about Their True Past?

How to prove an existence of antediluvian civilizations?
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One more serious reason for thought - is it necessary to people truthful knowledge of their true past and about their true grandparents? It is possible to give an well-defined answer on this question not at once. To get it, it is necessary to know very well  the history from antique times up to our time, universal mythology and the destiny of the modern finds which contradicted existing scientific concepts.
I will start from mythology. In legends of different people the subject is widespread that people, received divine knowledge from fallen angels, nephelims, guards, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, followers of Dennitsa and others, used them not with purposes of progress and advancing of society on the basis of divine principles, and with purposes of its destruction. For this modern mankind (and before it
many other mankinds) had lost immortality and longevity, had been punished by a deluges and doomed in continuum wars, killing each other and sufferings to wash away its guilt before God.  

History has saved a large quantity of events of annihilation of knowledge of previous civilizations. Numberless quantity of ancient books and manuscripts was burnt at the time of the antique, burnt on fires of medieval inquisition,  was consciously annihilated  in recent times. There remains only some books from the great civilizations of both Americas, mostly, rewrited on Latin by Spanish priests. Almost all old Slavonic books - the history of people which  was the closest to the northern native land of mankind of Hyperborea - had been burnt during reign of the grandfather and father of Peter I, tsars Michael Fedorovich and Alexey Mihaylovich Romanov... The similar destiny had also befallen many ancient sculptures, bas-reliefs, engravings and different objects which remained in an inheritance from civilizations, existing before.
No more enviable fate was for overwhelming majority of finds which were not inscribed in a science bases. At various times in different countries (especially frequently in America and on Ponape island in Pacific ocean) a large quantity of bones, skulls, and sometimes and whole skeletons of giants were found out, and Magellan's expedition, judging by A. Pigafeta's notes, during his round-the-world voyage even managed to decoy on the ship near the shores of Patagonia (of) two alive giants - a man and a woman about 4 m in height, which they were going to present to Spanish king (according to one of inofficial versions, the word "Patagonia" is translated as "the Country of long-legged" or of "Giants"). Under the testimonies of different authors and the account of my acquaintance, whom I do not have cause not to believe, a great quantity of bones of giants, which do not get on basic stands because of absence of their scientific systematisation, is stored till now in storerooms of museums of Mexico. According to numerous historical evidences from antique times up to now in Babylon, Syria, England, the USA and other countries, sceletons of giants, mummies of tritons, mermaids..., and even a whole sceletons of humanoids and different objects of conscientious activity, discovered in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments (most ancient of them had  250 million years age ) were publicly demonstrated. Then all these finds disappeared tracelessly, settling out in private collections or disappearing in unknown direction, and that they once were, only laconic records testified, reliability of which  was impossible to check up.

Read and see photos in the work "Imprint of the “wheel” in the Carboniferous sandstones in a coalmine, Donetsk (Rostov region)"

In Internet, books and discourses of my acquaintances I was faced time and again with information (seems, that is widespread opinion) that certain influential forces from some secret organizations, having linkages with governments of certain countries, in every possible way try to prevent from public display these finds and actively buy up them.
From all told above it is possible to conclude that for a long time (from refusal of people to live according divine rules) (and here) knowledge about our true past are carefully hidden from people. Perhaps, because of apprehension that people will take possession of force of gods which in age-old times (million years ago) lived on the Earth near to them. And once again will destroy the world. Perhaps, because of that to hide the fact of physical existence of gods which can shake the basis of spiritual belief in them. And perhaps and simply for the sake of that (as not once were in different countries) to show exclusiveness of these or those people and to hide all "another's" that has been collected before it. Therefore the scientific (or pseudoscientific, who as likes)  theory that  a man has originated from a monkey can be advantageous by many.
And, nevertheless, I consider that people have the right and are simply bound to learn about their true past.

Read my works "Nuclear weapons - a direct threat to human existence", "Nuclear war has occured in the past and left many traces. Geological evidences of nuclear and thermonuclear war conflicts in the past" (with P.Oleksenko) and "UFO, USO, ULO - flight vehicles of ancients. Whether the meeting with gods will take place?"

Why? At first, not to break the divine principle of acquisition of knowledge - knowledge should be true and any trying to hide them should be considered as criminal.
Secondly, (it is even more important) if the new generation of people will be learnt since the childhood about happy (at the time of "Golden Age" which continued on the Earth more than 30 million years) and grievous (in the next 34 million years) destiny of far forerunners of people and about that main role in their destruction which nuclear, laser and  more powerful,  now only designed by our military specialists, weather, geomagnetical and incomprehensible for us magic weapon, played, they will more persistently and consciously oppose an arms race and search ways of life according to the god  principle - Harmony and Unity with the Nature. And in every way to assist that huge money was spent not for destruction of so very thin ozonosphere and magnetic shield of the Earth, and on the control of increasing of population, the solution of a global food problem, searching of alternative sources of energy and raw materials, volume gains of space investigations and preparation of the design of movement of a part of earthmen on other inhabited planets (and may be and preparations of such planet - and why is not, if trials of the battle laser of the future are already conducted). And then, I am sure, our children, children of our children will have all reasons to tell to their fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers huge human thanks.

Read my work with the proposal of priorities way out of crisis "Way out - to correct the mistakes of previous and our civilizations" and my work "Why is it necessary to go on learning of mankind (human) history? Three answers on why"

The section "How to prove an existence of antediluvian civilizations?"

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