Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island. Part 2. The Oligocene-Pleistocene. Revival of Mankind and Moving of White Gods on All World - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island. Part 2. The Oligocene-Pleistocene. Revival of Mankind and Moving of White Gods on All World

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Great Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe. Gods settled down in White island

On the boundary between the Eocene and Oligocene there was one more terrible catastrophe on the Earth during which time Antarctica had separated from South America and its freezing on had begun (according to research of Kathryn Moran from Rhode Island University in the USA, Jan Backman from the Stockholm University and Henk Brinkhuis from University of Utrecht in Holland, formation of ices occurred in Arctic regions too).

   In my work "White island (Beliy ostrov), "high gobi civilization" and Jambudvipa (Hyperborea)" I have shown that it is possible to compare this accident with described in the Indian legend about Shvetadvipa or White island catastrophic changes on the Earth, which had reversed the world, and outcome of white gods from Hyperborea. After that they have located on White island.
   Old Indian and Buddhist sources place the White island in the north, at the continent of Jambudvipa (Svarga, Hyperborea). It is described as highland (Shveta) or island (Shvetadvipa), located either to the north, or to the south, or on the polar mountain  of Meru (Sumeru).
   "Ramayana" describes Shvetadvipa: "There is a great White island [Shvetadvipa] near to Lacteal ocean [Kshiroda] and great, mighty people, beautiful, as a moonlight live there".
"Bhagavata-Purana" says that mountains Shveta were to the north from "the tsar of mountains Sumeru supporting mother Earth".
   "Vishnu-Purana" places Shvetadvipa to the south from Jambudvipa and says that "the sixth continent Shvetadvipa is washes by the dairy sea Kshira (or Dudha)".
   According to "the Secret doctrine" of Helen Blavatskaya, the White island had been located in the middle of the huge North Sea on a place of modern desert Gobi.
   According to the geological data, all large reservoirs in the desert of Gobi territory have disappeared 41-34 million years ago, and after the Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe (34 million years ago) there were not any sea. It means, that the White island was somewhere in the north. In the region Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa).
   In the Oligocene epoch the most part of Hyperborea had disappeared under water and many islands had appeared. So, Shvetadvipa was one of these islands (the passage above is shortened. Read complete Russian text).

Thus we can take the following conclusion: "high civilization of Gobi" if it really existed, has arisen on the continent Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) debris in the northern polar region of Earth. Formation of this civilization is dated the Oligocene epoch, and its founders have come to White island after the great catastrophe 34 million years ago.

   As legends narrate, they lived there up to the next great accident (23 million years ago) (and here), or that which had happened later (about 5 million years ago).

Read my work "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?" and "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood. The amendments brought by geology and folklore"

   Let's look at the map of Arctic seabed relief (see the photo at the next page). If the White island was formed at the boundary between the  Eocene and Oligocene, any ridge of the Alpha-Mendeleev, Lomonosov, Gakkel, East Jan Mayen Ridge or Khrebet Mona could be it.
   The White island can be compared with polar mountain - the mythical centre of the Earth which is called Meru (Sumeru) in Old Indian texts and legends. From time immemorial this mountain was considered as the place of residence of white gods - Adityas or devas and their humanoid retinue Gandharvas, Apsaras, Siddhas, Vidyadharas and Charanas.  

Mankind revival in the Oligocene. "Small Golden Age" is established on the Earth

According to legends at first after the Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe Earth was deserted and intelligent life had been concentrated, mainly, in shelf and coasts of oceans and seas. The civilization of snakemen - amphibians (Nivatakavachs in the Indian terminology) prospered here, which had landed on mother Earth in the end of the Eocene era (it is written in detail in my third book "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves". After catastrophe survived snakemen and white gods occupied all new and new territories. White gods (Adityas/devas/àsuras/Svarozhichi and, apparently, Gandharvas/elves, still lived in the north in Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) with the capital Amaravati on the Meru Mountain. According to the Tibetan-Mongolian legends and Buddhist texts Vidyadharas, Charanas and Siddhas have settled an underground kingdom of Agarti and a land kingdom a Shambhala).

   Whether there was it a new built up city of Amaravati, and Meru mount - the same mountain, as in the Eocene, it is not known. We don't know, the Meru mountain was on White island (Shvetadvipa) or not, and may be Shvetadvipa later had been renamed as Agarti or Shambhala in which Vidyadharas, Charanas and Siddhas had lodged .

   Snakemen lived at the continents located in tropical and equatorial widths. Except them huge multiarmed beings (Rakshasas, Nirritis, Hecatoncheires and others) settled down on the same (?) continents in the Oligocene time. In legends of Indians Hopi, they were intelligent insects.

According to Chinese legends, the leader of multiarmed individuals the giant of Chi Yu has come down to the Earth from heavens. "Ramayana " and other ancient Indian books also inform that Rakshasas and kin to them Yakshas moved on the sky on flying chariots. May be they were another group of space newcomers.

   All inhabitants of the Earth - white gods, snakemen, multiarmed and many-headed beings (at least, bigger part of them) - were vegetarianson of the highest level of development living in the harmony with the nature. Fast rotation of Earth in the Oligocene time still defined natural border of living areas of "people" (white gods), snakemen and multiarmed beings. In Indian and Aztecs legends this time-period is called as "the small Golden Age". It's distinctions is strongly pronounced climatic zoning with temperate, tropical and equatorial zones, the big difference between summer and winter, day and night temperatures. 

Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene - the period of continuous wars and destructions

As I already said, in the end of the Oligocene white Daityas and black Danavas - Kalakeys had landed on our planet. They were almost not differing from Adityas. They began to break main principles of harmony life. Quantity of Daityas and Danavas and subjected to their influence snakemen and multiarmed beings, and their descendants - giants, had reached the terrifying sizes. Hunger and wars had begun on the Earth and have not stopped till now.
   Hungry existence of gods and people (or those beings which were called as people) and a train of wars between them are most brightly described in Sumer-Babylon, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Aztecs legends. All intelligent beings living on the earth took part in wars, including white gods. Soon on the Earth two basic contradictory military camps were formed: white gods (Adityas and Gandharvas) - supporters of life by divine rules, and white and black "demons" (Daityas and Danavas ) - destroyers of the world order. In struggle against the general ideological enemy, beings absolutely unlike against each other which were at war among themselves earlier, began to unite in military alliances or lived independently from each other. The military alliance of white gods who have "come" from the Golden Age, snakemen and multiarmed beings became the culmination which remained up to the Pleistocene. Further - different chimeras being creations of gene engineering have joined this alliance.
(Important passage is skipped. Read Russian text)
   According to the Indian legends, in wars between gods and demons nuclear, laser, weather, geomagnetic and magic weapon was used and these wars often came to the end with global catastrophe and world destruction. For example, in the Miocene (23-5 million years ago) there were six catastrophes, in the Pliocene (5 - 1,8 million years ago) - two accidents, at the ecoPleistocene epoch (1,8 - 0,9 million years ago) - two disasters. During the last one million year there were eleven catastrophes!
   During these accidents there was reiterated displacement of the terrestrial axis and changing of Earth rotation speed therefore, during the different periods of history that snakemen (dragons) and multiarmed beings - giants appeared and disappeared on our planet.

Moving of white gods from Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) to other continents, begun in the Miocene

Change during the separate periods of conditions on the Earth (first of all, reduction of speed of rotation of a planet) and victories of white gods over the enemies led to their moving on all globe. From the end of the Miocene the outcome of white gods had begun to other continents. According to the Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean legends, in the time-period of sun gods - Adityas' ideology prevalence they held leading state posts in East, South-East and Southern Asia, presiding over snakemen and different mutants which had appeared on the Earth.

(Important big passage is skipped. Read Russian text)

In some periods of history the power of white gods, possibly, was ranged to Antarctica which had not been completely covered by ice. There was a big settlement of Nivatakavachs which earlier, according to the third book of "Mahabharata" ("Aranyaka Parva" or "Book of the Forest"), was belonged to Indra.
   The states and cities of white gods in different parts of the globe, bordering with settlements of  snakemen, snakemen - amphibians, multiarmed beings, various mutants, and  people in further, existed, apparently, up to IV-II (possibly, even I) millenia BC. And as for example, in Sumer (Inanna-Ishtar-Astarta), Ireland and the Wales (Tuata de Dannan or the Tribe of goddess Danu), Altai, Mongolia and the Western China (Tuata de Annu or "imperial Scythians") white gods were able to keep cleanliness of race.
   In other places - China (Fusi, Jao, wives of Dee Ku and Dee Tszjun), Japan (Ninigi, Oshi-Homi, Ame-Noho, Ame-Vako, Udzume) they mixed up with snakemen and other intelligent inhabitants of the Earth and got posterity of heroes which formed then many imperial dynasties.

Creation of new people in underground settlement Tulan and supplant old people by them
(no translation, read Russian text)

The beginning/Part 3. Holocene - mass outcome of white gods and their descendants from Hyperborea. On trails of Gandharvas- elves

A. Koltypin, 2010
©  P. Oleksenko, 2011 (translation)
(with abbreviations, the complete version of the article in Russian is here)

A. Koltypin the authors of this work, and P.Oleksenko the translator of this work, give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

Read my works "Paleocene-Eocene - the Golden Age of (Humanity) Mankind", a series of my works "Five world epochs and mankinds (humankinds) of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs", "Catastrophe at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary (34 million years ago)", "Catastrophes and alteration of climate in the Miocene", "Catastrophe at the Miocene-Pliocene boundary (5,3 million years ago)", "Industry, wars and ecology of antediluvian Earth", "Emancipated female society: a view from time immemorial (remote ages).  About a leading role of women in the development of human civilization and the existence of states and nations, leaded by women"
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