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(Free) masonry and Christianity - the ideology of sun gods

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While preparing material, I ran into a few works (I will not list the authors, that no one had any reason to insult), in which Freemasonry is opposed to Christianity and is considered to encompass the entire world’s Jewish Kabalistic or satanic sect, and "black magicians and sorcerers" of Agartha - Shambhala are belonged to henchmen... under the control of Lucifer himself.
What to say about this? Such a statement is nothing but hatred. It's a shame that such statements go un-noticed including representatives of the Orthodox Church (or people who call themselves Christians) that exists in order to pour out the divine light and heat. Last night I attended a Sunday service in one Orthodox Church and beheld in front of me the face of the Savior with a glowing  halo and emanating from him golden rays (they were painted with gold paint inside a golden halo, and outside it, and under illumination created great similarity with sun rays).
In the works "Symbols of sun gods in Church of the Holy Tomb in Jerusalem”,”Cross, ankh, swastika. Cross as a symbol of the sun,""UFO, USO, ULO - flight vehicles of ancients. Whether the meeting with gods will take place?” and others, I have shown that Christianity is a religion of sun gods, and Jesus Christ was likely one of the sun gods, or his earthly incarnation (perhaps Indra - Zeus). On many Christian icons, and on the walls of temples in one form or another, there are "Masonic" symbols (winged sun disk, caduceus , all-seeing eye, not to mention the cross), which are actually symbols of sun gods.
On this basis, we can conclude that Christianity has the same origins as Freemasonry, so to oppose them to each other is senseless. Another thing is that Christianity is the religion of the masses, and Freemasonry is the ideology of the elite. Something turns out like that was a few thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, when the true knowledge about the world and monotheism had devoted about 20 priests, and the rest of the priests and the people practiced polytheism. The modern world is, of course, not Ancient Egypt. And the belief in many gods has become oblivious. Today, Christians, Muslims and members of other religions believe in one God. His fairly accurate representation is the Holy Trinity,  a Christian Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He was similarly portrayed by lived in Ireland in 6th-7th  millennium BC sun gods (the Tuatha de Danann) in their worship of the goddess Danu, and by lived in India in the 7th millennium BC sun gods (Adityas, Gandharvas and Apsaras )  in their worship of the three goddesses : Aditi - Diti and Danu. In "Aditi , Diti and Danu - matriarchal incarnation of the Divine Trinity”, I have shown that these three goddesses were equivalent to the Celtic goddess Danu and is an ancient matriarchal Divine Trinity, which in many ways was similar to the Christian Divine Trinity.

Perhaps the most important difference from the ideology of the Christian religion of Freemasonry is that it puts in the first place, the image of God (the Son), and the Masons, the image of God (the Father and the Holy Spirit), which correspond to the Mayan Hunab Ku (as wise center of the universe  - Galactic butterfly as a permeating the universe of intelligent energy), Brahman and the absolute ancient Indians, Tao and the absolute ancient Chinese. If the Christian image of Jesus Christ and other Saints are the object of worship by the faithful, then the Freemasons stuck to the original religion (or rather, knowledge) the sun gods, he is the only person, superhuman, able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and do many other miracles - after all, as I said in my works all of these abilities possessed by sun gods Adityas, Gandharvas and others. A true Masonic god (god of the sun gods) is the Supreme Intelligence, or, more understandable language - Nature.

One of the wonders of the Orthodox Church is a sacred fire, spontaneous combustion every Orthodox Easter in the Church of the Holy Tomb (Holy Sepulcher) in Jerusalem. The initiators can act quite sunny (as, however, and the moon) gods. Possibly, so they remind people of their sins for which Jesus Christ died, and at the same time strengthen the faith which was brought to the world of people by sent them messiah.

In other words, the ideology of the Masons, as the ideology of sun gods, based on a rigorous scientific approach, allows one to know the surrounding reality, including learning magic. And the ideology of Christianity, as well as, perhaps, any other religion, says that it is impossible to know God. Most likely, this is why religion still cannot connect with science.
It is no coincidence that the Masons, led by the White Brotherhood, support any religion and at the dedication of the Freemasons coming into this secret society, uttering an oath on the Bible, the Koran and other holy books. After all, as I said at the beginning of the article, the higher powers may well have good reasons for not disclosing to the people divine knowledge, so that they did not invent even more devastating weapons than the ones already possessed.

On the Internet from time to time some work occur that Jesus Christ and many prophets was taught by sages of Shambhala. And that all modern religions were brought to the human world of people from Shambhala or Agartha. I will not cover in this article the question because I believe that it is practically already been answered in my previous story. Yes, most likely, modern religions were created by the sages of the White Brotherhood to meet the spiritual needs at a certain level of human development and dictated the need of the time. The only thing that remains unshakeable is the principle of monotheism, which runs through all modern religions. That's why I'm not afraid to repeat, Masons support the profession of its members to any one religion, and bring a solemn oath on the sacred books for each religion.

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