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Attack of gods. Flying Vehicles and Nuclear Weapons in Ancient India

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The history of Ancient India recorded in the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", Veda, Puranas has handed down to us incredible data about flying cities, flying vehicles (chariots) and some terrible on destructive power weapons which were used by ancient inhabitants of the Earth

The ancient Indian texts are full of references about how gods and people fought in the sky, using vimanas and agnihotras with even more terrible and deadly weapons than in our time

History of Ancient India conceals many mysteries. Here intricately interwoven traces and echoes of a very ancient knowledge which, according to prevailing now concepts just could not be known to the people of previous eras.
Particularly noteworthy are the information about flying machines and terrible in their destructive power (of) weapons. Many ancient Indian written sources narrate about them, the time of their writing dates from, at least, the III millennium BC to the XI century BC. Specialists - Indologists have no doubt that most of these texts are the originals, or lists from the originals, and that among their imposing number, majority still awaits translation from the ancient Sanskrit language.

Ancient chroniclers set forth the events subsequently modified and often distorted by many generations of narrators. Grain of truth in the extant myths are so tightly wrapped in extraneous features that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the initial fact. However, according to many experts - Indologists, Sanskrit texts hide under millennial "fantastic" layers the information about the knowledge that was inherented to the people in ancient times.

Part 1. Flying vehicles  - vimanas and agnihotras
Mentions of flying machines are contained in more than 20 ancient Indian texts. The oldest of these texts - the Vedas, compiled, according to most scientists - Indologists, not later than year 2500 BC.  (German orientalist G.Jacobi dates them to year 4500 BC., and Indian researcher V.Tilak - even to year 6000 BC.). In the 150 verses of the "Rig Veda", "Yajur-Veda", "Atharva Veda" flying vehicles are described. One of these "air chariots, flying without a horse," was built by the divine master Ribhus. "... Faster than thoughts moved chariot, like a bird in the sky, rising to the sun and the moon and falling to the earth with a loud roar ...". Chariot was ruled by three pilots, it was able to take on board 7-8 passengers, could land on the ground, and on the water (read Russian text...)

The description of flying vehicles (vimanas, agnihotras), celestial cities, air chariots and travelings on them, contained in the Veda, "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", "Bhagavata-Purana", "Shiva-Purana", "Samarangana Sutradhara" and other Indian texts. The Old Indian tract about flights (of) "Vimanika Shastra"

Part 2. Nuclear, laser and other superweapons
Many ancient Indian texts say about the use of flying vehicles for military purposes. Perhaps the most significant in this regard are the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", "Bhagavata Purana" and "Skanda Purana". Reading these ancient manuscripts created in the III-II millennium BC.  - X c. n., a reader unwittingly plunges into the world of ferocious wars that gods, humans and a variety of mythical creatures - Nagas, Rakshasas, Rudras, Yakshas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas - in other words, not people - led to each other. Most interesting is that they don't fought with swords and bows and arrows, and used some fearful on destructive power and the consequences weapons that shook the whole world, destroyed entire towns and made large areas uninhabitable for a long time (read Russian text...)

The description of nuclear, laser, weather, geomagnetical and other superweapons (a brahmaastra, a head of Brahma, a stick of Indra, a dart of Indra, etc.) and consequences from their usage in the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", "Bhagavata-Purana", "Skanda-Purana" and other Old Indian texts. The destruction of the flying cities of Saubha and Hiranyapura. Air fights of Rama and Ravana. Comparison of brahmaastras with nuclear weapons. Nuclear strike to Mohejo-Daro!?

Part 3. Spacecrafts and flights to other planets
The ancient Indian texts are full of mentions of distant worlds, stars, planets, crossing the vastness of the universe flying cities, celestial chariots and carriages, overcoming great distances with the speed of thought. Half of the human race in them at all is descended from aliens from outer space - Adityas, Gandharvas, and others who in the Indian tradition are called (by) gods and semigods, and Daityas and Danavas who was related to demons. Both in appearance was not much differed from people, though, seem to have been higher (read Russian text...)

Indian legends are complete of mentions that celestial cities and flying chariots were used as vehicles flying around Earth, within the Solar system and to other Galactics. Especial speed was characterized by the Horses of Gandharvas which could move to other parts of the Universe almost instantaneously. The Horses of Gandharvas moved along the Roads of Siddhas which connected different Galactics

Prompt to discussion
Well, unfortunately, it's time to put an end in my brief narration of the amazing Indian legends about the flying vehicles and weapons of gods and demons. The origins of these traditions are lost in so remote times that we, now living on the earth humanity, unable to give even an approximate date of their compilation. We only know that most of them went into the ancient Indian manuscripts, written in the III-II millennium BC. . - X c. n., and according to some sources even earlier - in the IV or VI millennium BC.  There are even more fantastic versions, that the authors of some books, such as the Vedas (Rigveda, Samaveda, Atharva Veda, Yajur Veda), Nimalat Purana, were snake-men - Nagas, and the time of events described in the legends separated from us for many millions of years (read Russian text...)

Indian legends about flying vehicles and the weapon of gods confirm the existence on Earth many thousand and million years ago of highly-developed civilizations which used interplanetary space stations, aircrafts, nuclear, laser and other superweapons

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