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Film "Avatar" - Fantasy or an Event from mankind history?

Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth
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Film "Avatar" - Fantasy or an Event from mankind history?

Not long ago I had the luck to see a very spectacular film of "Avatar". And not for the first time during the last several years I was shocked, how much close its item was to events really occured on the Earth. Having looked the "Avatar", you could peep in the remote past of the Earth and see by your own eyes what took place on it in the end of  the Oligocene epoch of Palaeogene period - about 25 million years ago. With a small difference only that future earthmen from the "Avatar" were landing on our planet space aggressors of Daityas (white-skinned) and Danavas-Kalakeyas (black-skinned), and native inhabitants of Pandora were multiarm and manyheaded giants of Rakshasas and, apparently, stright walking dragon-people - Vievichs, Nagas, etc. And also that atmosphere of the antediluvian Earth, apparently, completely correspond to requirements of Daityas and Danavas and almost the same plants grew on our planet, as now. But and native inhabitants of the Earth 25 million years ago and dwellers of Pandora from the Avatar had blue (version - turquoise, dark blue or violet) skin (and here), were considerable higher than white-skinned and black-skinned incomers and presented unit with the Nature environing them. They perceived tongue of animals, trees and were inherent vegetarians.

The analogous society organically joint (united) with the Nature and, in particular, with fauna, knowing how artfully and purposefully to use interconnections and subjects of that world, is pictured on Ica stones which I dated in my works by the Middle Miocene (about 17 million years ago). According to legends of Indians Hopi, space incomers (daityas and danavas) had corrupted this society belonging to the class of reasonable insects, and "people" began to use inherent in them extrasensory, telepathic and magic capacities not for the society blessing, and for its destruction. Incomers had brought  with themselves love to gold, passion to enrichment and little by little personal interests began to overbalance primeval tendency forward to Harmony and life for the blessing of all remaining "people".
ou, for certain, want to ask me, whence authors of the scenario and producers of  the  "Avatar" and other similar films (I rate among them, first of all, "the Lord of rings", films and serials "Star Gate", "Farscape" and other like films) had such knowledge or vision of the past. To tell the truth, I don't know. It is quite possiblly that during shooting of these films former inhabitants of the antediluvian Earth who prolong to live among people have been somehow involved, or a contact to them has been carried out. But it is also possible and other. I  had to communicate many times with creative people (artists, musicians, writers...). And I have first-hand knowledge of that the supernatural revelation - in the form of various images, sleeps and creative inspiration often is given to many such people. Such revelations very often form the basis of their works and if it was prophetical visions it is received that writers, artists, musicians and other creative people - each in his (her) own manner - create in their undying creations the real picture of our human past. It is necessary only to manage to catch their sense.

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©  A Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site is given.

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