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Education Reform in the Field of Natural Science - Needed or Not?

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The main purpose of this website is education. My original goal was to justify the need for education reform in the field of earth sciences and universal training of specialists in the natural sciences. After the website was up and running I wrote an appeal to the Russian officials responsible for the training of specialists in my country, and also placed the same appeal on a few forums of education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, in other regions and cities and on some Christian and public forums in their sections devoted to education.
What do you think was the result of this effort? On some forums, my post did not appear and on others it was immediately removed by moderators (without any explanation or any indication that it does not correspond to the subject or the spirit of the forum). There are only a few Christian and public forums that continue to discuss this subject and to those moderators and site owners I would like to say: Thank you very much.

Why was my post removed from the largest educational forums in Russia?
I see two possible answers to this question:

1) Most people are not yet ready to appreciate the seriousness of what I write because they have not been taught any of this important information in our schools and universities.  This has raised in me further questions relating to "yellow journalism" and their preference for sensationalism and scandal over legitimate and well researched news;

2) Most of the officials of education reform are not interested and say this reform is simply not needed because it promises them nothing but hassle and potential problems with private employment in the future ...

And what is your point of view?

Below is the full text of my address at educational forums. I hope you will speak out on it at the FORUM 

I graduated with honors from the Geological Institute obtaining both a master's degree and a PhD. I have 15 years of experience in geological expeditions/research.  And it just so happened that I was a child interested in history - not the abridged history that is taught in schools and institutions but the history of prehistoric (and geological) times. It is currently taught that in this prehistoric world, man and/or other intelligent beings did not yet exist. This completely disregards the abundance of information that exists regarding ancient continents such as Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria, and others that contained ancient advanced civilizations.

Fascination with this ancient world led me to study global mythologies, which includes the many words of wisdom from works like the "Mahabharata", the "Popol Vuh" and many others. From this study it became clear to me that the subjects of geology and mythology surprisingly do not contradict each other and often appear to describe the same events. And then it became clear that to understand the full extent of the ancient (antediluvian) history of mankind is not possible using only the modern version of history, as it is likewise impossible to describe the geological history of Earth using only modern geological interpretations.
One does not need many examples to understand my point. Take the mythical continents of Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu. Historians admit the possibility of their existence, but only as having existed a few thousand years ago in the central parts of the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean respectively. Geologists say that if these continents ever existed, it was a very long time ago; up to tens or even hundreds of millions of years ago. This contradiction between the two disciplines of history and geology creates the presently accepted paradigm that advanced civilizations having existed such a long time ago is impossible.

But is that really the case? Are these ancient texts incorrect? Or is it the modern assumptions about the past that are in error? In the Indian written tradition of the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Puranas, the contours of ancient continents and oceans that do not match what exists in today’s world (like for instance the number of continents) are repeatedly described. This ancient Indian tradition also speaks of four, and in some cases (ie the Vishnu Purana) seven stages of development of the Earth, all separated by global catastrophes causing great destruction and the reshaping of the world such as mountains springing up out the oceans and existing continents being destroyed. And one of the most interesting aspects of this ancient version of history is the description of "people" living for 100,000 years or more, and then, after a disaster, the life span is reduced to 10,000 years, and then to 1000 years, and then to 100 years. Often, this decreasing life span is accompanied with a corresponding decrease in size.If these ancient traditions bring to us the echoes of real events, then it is easy to explain why the geological record of events is so old and these continents actually existed tens of millions of years ago. The continents described in surviving ancient legends are extremely ancient and it is only necessary to properly merge the two bodies of geological and historical information in order to fully understand all of this ancient information.
This proper merger of information leads us to a more universal knowledge. A lack of this broader knowledge on the part of geologist, biologist, historian, ethnographer and linguist does not hinder them from concentrating on their chosen professions and creates good specialists in the natural sciences, as it was a few centuries ago when scientists made many remarkable discoveries. But at the same time, it causes a lack of universal knowledge or complete understanding of the “big picture” in each and every one of them and this an important omission.
In order for this broader understanding to happen, it is necessary to study such words of wisdom as the Vedas, the Mahabharata, the Avesta, the Popol Vuh, the Old Testament, the Koran and other sacred and apocryphal texts and traditions (which have all recorded significant parts of the complete historical story from antediluvian times) in geological universities and perhaps even in the lower schools. Many important ancient accounts survive in only source. For example, only the Mahabharata tells the story of the great battle between the “white gods” and the “snakes” and the total destruction of the latter, with “space invaders” landing on Earth twice (and here).  Many disasters have befallen Earth, each time causing most or all of a particular population to perish in the resulting floods, fires, earthquakes (and here), etc. Making such changes will help the field of geology bring itself into coordination with our oldest historical records, which, in turn, students of other disciplines will also want to study - historians, anthropologists, linguists and others.

Better yet would be to start, as soon as possible, a program of “universal training” of specialists in the natural sciences, which will allow them to comprehend all of the disciplines with a new broader understanding of the past. If they will do this, university professors and students will be able to look at the world with completely new eyes.

For more information, here are two more interesting examples:
The miracle of ancient maps, the contours of which correspond to the Earth 20-40 million years ago. These earliest maps were made in the Paleogene. ica_tones_-_messages_from_tulan_chimostok_of_17_million_years_age.html
Ica stones - the messages from the underground settlements of Tulane-Chimostok 17 million years ago. These stones, known for thousands of years, depict animals that went extinct 13 million years ago. They are shown together with the likeness of man.

I invite everyone, who knows Russian or can translate Russian text, to further discussion of this material on the forum page in the themes "Education reform in the fields of philosophy," "What hinders education reform and improvement of the environment," and other Or to express your opinion in English BLOG

© L Fitzpatrick, 2013 (translation and additions to the text)

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