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Earth and Mars - are Differences Great?

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Relief of the Red planet bears a such strong resemblance to the
Earth surface, that, looking at it, everydody involuntarily
thinks :
"How would this country look
when there were atmosphere and water on Mars ?"

On the left - features of relief of Earth
(photos by S.Volkov), on the right - Mars (photos by NASA). It is very  similar, isn't it!?

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The black-and-white photos of Mars presented below (NASA) surprisingly resemble severe landscapes of Chukotka and Koryak highland where I spent (passed) seven or eight field seasons. Looking at them, it is impossible to get rid of the thougth, that if there was dense atmosphere on Mars protecting it from ruinous radiation, there would be a life on it and now

Presented below colour photos of the Earth made me in Negev desert near to the Dead Sea (Israel), surprisingly remind Martian landscapes

Negev desert (Israel)
Negev desert (Israel)
Negev desert (Israel)
Negev desert (Israel)
Negev desert (Israel)
Negev desert (Israel)
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