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Drilling of Ice Confirms the Existence of Antediluvian Civilizations

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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What has drilling of ice in Antarctica and Greenland told about?

The results of drilling of ice in Antarctica and Greenland can serve by independent confirmation of the hypothesis that there were other civilizations on the Earth before us and history of our planet in the Cenozoic (at least, during the Quaternary) was the history of  wars, resulting in changes one civilizations by others.

Air before the Flood was more dirty, than now

According to investigations of the scientists from the Institute of Polar Investigations in Ohio (the USA), analyzed land ice beds in Greenland and Antarctica, ice formed 14 thousand years ago contains accordingly in one hundred and four times more solid impurities (admixtures), than the ice which was formed today. According to the academician V.M. Kotljakov, concentration of solid impurities (admixtures) in the Pleistocene core from American station Byrd (Antarctica, Marie Byrd land) in 8 times above, than in the ice which is younger than 10 thousand years. In the Pleistocene core from Russian station the East (Antarctica, region of the southern magnetic-pole) this distinction attains 30 times.
Thus, in different periods of the Quarternary history which preceded the  Pleistocene-Holocene global catastrophe and related to it the last Great Flood (about 12 thousand years ago), the air on Earth was more dirty, than now, during the modern industrial epoch. The majority of scientists consider that the reason of such pollution (contamination) was either actively erupting volcanoes, or air circulation intensifying in glacier periods, and also shift of dust to polar regions. Much easier to admit, however, that there were more industrially developed civilizations, than ours, earlier. This supposition has found confirmation in the ices of Antarctica and Greenland.

During the catastrophe fires raged
on Earth (?)

Drilling of ice in Antarctica and Greenland also allows to understand better character of events which were taking place during catastrophes. So, a ratio of contents of isotopes O16/O18 and H/H2  testifies that all over polar latitudes (in Antarctica and Greenland) 10-11 thousand years ago temperature increased approximately on 10°C, and at passage from Dneprovskoe glaciation to Mikulinskoe interglacial (about 130 thousand years ago) - on 12°C. Besides, in these short-time periods of the history of Earth concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane in its atmosphere essentially increased. It could be related as to activation of volcanic activity and eruption of a great quantity of greenhouse gases, as with fires raging on Earth.

Previous civilizations did not use mineral petroleum and gas!

At the same time, the results of drilling of ice in Antarctica show that growth of concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases taking place now is unprecedented throughout last 800 thousand years (25 % for ÑÎ2, 100 % for ÑH4, 8-10 % for NO2 for last 200 years), and common content of carbon dioxide inEarth's atmosphere (more than 379,1 million parts of carbon dioxide) is now on 30 % more than for last several million years (with accounting of data received on land). It can testify  that the modern civilization is developing on the way distinct from the way of the forerunners, connecting, first of all, with consumption and burning of organic fuel that was not earlier. Probably, due to this, mineral oil and gas were saved till now.

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The section "Remains of disappeared civilizations"

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