Disembarkation of Space Mission of Daityas and Danavas in the End of the Oligocene Epoch. Settling of the Earth by Black and White-Skinned Newcomers and Their Descendants - Giants - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Disembarkation of Space Mission of Daityas and Danavas in the End of the Oligocene Epoch. Settling of the Earth by Black and White-Skinned Newcomers and Their Descendants - Giants

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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The period of peace, carefree and full life of gods and demons, in many respects similar to their former life in the "Golden Age", persisted this time not too long. In the end of the Oligocene epoch the massed landing of daityas and danavas occurred to the Earth which similarly adityas and gandharvas had human shape, but differed from modern people by a big growth and an athletic build. Apparently, one of them (daityas) were white-skinned, and the other (danavas - Kalakeyas or Kalakanjas) were black-skinned. In the Indian legends it is said that they were at enmity with adityas long before their arrival to Earth.
Despite it, at first daityas and danavas were not at war with adityas lived in the north, (and here) probably, having believed them to be too terrible contender, and methodically occupied other areas of the Earth. There they met various snakemen and, possibly, multiarmed beings (and here) which were settled on different continents and most likely, were not so many and they didn't antagonize newcomers with human shape. Therefore in most cases daityas and danavas did not meet any resistance, but according to the Indian legends, "they laid down in beds together with terrestrial tsarinas". So the new race of giants had appeared and had adopted the basic features of "people" and snakemen. Thus daityas and danavas and their descendants from mixed marriages (and here) had settled in huge places of the Earth. Traces of their presence meet in Central both the South America, Mexico, Africa, Mesopotamia, China, India, Australia, on islands of Pacific ocean … And, judging by the found out sculptures and bas-reliefs in Mexico and Peru, by legends and myths of the Maya, Nahua, Aztecs and other people of Central America, Egypt, Mesopotamia and also by settlement of modern races, the considerable part of newcomers was of black race.

Many gods and heroes apparently were black-skinned, like as the main (solar) god Ra and his "son" Gor (Hor) of the Egyptian pantheon, the Sumerian solar god Utu (Acadian Shamash), the hero of the Babylonian epic Gilgamesh, Uruk's tsar Enmerkar, his son Lugalband, Etana, king of Kish, the main god of Aztecs Tezcatlipoca and others.
Thus, in the end of the Oligocene epoch the population of the Earth consisted of:
1.   white humanoid gods and demigods (adityas, gandharvas, probably, vidyadharas, charanas and siddhas), continuing to live in the north, the east of Asia, and may be, in some other areas of the Earth;
2.   having the family tree since the Mesozoic times various "old" snakemen, which had left underground refuges and had gotten over on other continents (Southern America, Africa, Arabia, Hindustan, Australia, Antarctica);
3.   "new" snakemen of semiwater-semiterrestrial way of life, which had occupied the numerous shallow shelf seas, such as Apsu, Mummu, Tiamat, Lahmu, Lahamu, Anshar, Kishar and Enki from Sumerian-Akkadian epos, Osiris, Isida, Neftida, Neit, Uadzhet, Heket, Hatmehit, Sebek, Tauert from the Egyptian epos, "ruddy-headed fiery snakes", Tlalok, Chalchiuhtlicue and Tecuciztecatl (Tecciztecatl) from Nahua and Aztecs, Gungun and Shendun from the Chinese epos and Susanoo from the Japanese epos;
4.   multiarmed and many-headed beings, occupied North and the South America, East Asia and Hindustan
5.    and also white and black daityas and danavas landed in different areas of the Earth.

In most period of the Oligocene epoch there was not large-scale wars between them. It is testified in Akkadian- Babylonian poem "When on top", and life of reasonable inhabitants of that time proceeded in peace.
The main reason of this most likely was a small number of the population of the Earth. That is  partly confirmed by the fact described in Rig-Veda and the Book of Giants about daityas and danavas maping the surface of the Earth of that epoch (maps of Piri Reis, Orontii Finei, Hadji Ahmed, F.Buashe etc) and taking various calculations:
"Let they will estimate all [the Earth …] let they will calculate by different computation".

The beginning of the theme/The end of the Oligocene - a train of wars for domination over the world and strategic unions of that time. The reasons of the Oligocene - Miocene catastrophe

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