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Disembarkation of "Sons of the Sky» in the Beginning of the Quaternary

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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The ruling of Di Ku, apparently, had come to the end with catastrophe during which time ten suns and twelve moons had appeared in the sky (in more late work "The Most Important Catastrophe in the History of Earth During Which Mankind Appeared. When It Happened?" I dated this event  by maximum the boundary of early and middle Miocene 15,9 million years ago).   After this event legendary emperor Jao had ascended on holy table of Heavenly Empire there whom I have considered as sun god aditya. Liquidation of consequences of a Flood together with dragon Gun was one of his basic merits. He also had led the contribution to further development of astronomy.
During the rule Yao had to wage long and bloody wars with
the nation of Miao. Dragons including Gun were his allies in extirpation of them, as well as of deluge consequences. The dominating population of East China during this period, apparently were Metises (semipeople-semidragons) - descendants of dragon-people, multiarmed beings, mutants and humanoids which, as well as at the time of Suizheng, had not the smaller power than Yao.

Attention! The above, after evaluating (of) the events 3 years later, allows me all the more to incline to the thought that Yao began to rule the Celestial Empire after the early-middle Miocene catastrophe (15.9 million years ago) that marked the change of the Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga.

In Korea according to the majority of the Korean sources Yao was liked to Tangun (Tang Un) - an offset of "the son of the sky» Hvan Un which landed on mount of Teboksan or Pektusan from the sky together with three thousands of servants and had constructed there «the Mansion of god» - the divine city of Sinti.
Here is description of this event in ancient texts of «Samguk Yusa» («Chronicles of Three kingdoms») by Buddhist monk Iren (XIII century):
«[The Son of Supreme heavenly lord Hvan Yin] Hvan Un born from the concubine passionately wished for himself mortal life and wanted to be among people. The father had found out about the son’s desire. Having looked from heavens at lands of Samvi and Thebek he had perceived that his son can bring to people a lot of advantage. He handed over to [son] three signs on the Heavenly power and had sent him to the Earth. Hvan Un landed on fastigium of mount of Thebeksan accompanied by three thousand citizens … From this time they began to name him Hvan Un - Heavenly van …».
Tangun, the son of Hvan Un, who was born from woman-she-bear
(does it mean then there was no real people in the world yet who appeared after 15.9 million years ago) had founded the city of Pyongyang and kingdom Choson and had become the great legendary governor and the teacher of the nations living on the Korean peninsula. As well as his father Hvan Un, he had trained people in 360 useful occupations and knowledge, including agriculture, cattle breeding, medicine, weaving and fisheries. For the purpose of diffusion of a cult of Hanil (Hvan Yin - the Sky) Tangun had established rites of utterings of prayers and Sky propitiation.
According to some sources Tangun lived 1908 years, according to anothers ("Indzhe sidzhu" Kvon Nama, XV century) – 1048 years. After the end of his ruling he had risen on heavens.

All fits together - 15.9 million years ago the Dwapara Yuga began, with life expectancy about 1000 years

Two thousand-year or thousand-year lifetime of Tangun says that in the Quaternary beginning, after the Pliocene - Pleistocene catastrophe, lifetime of "people" had decreased from 10 000 to 1000 years. It means that the most part of the Quaternary corresponds to Dvapara-yuga (on terminology of the Indian legends). During the last era, Kali-Yuga, which had begun presumably 12 thousand years ago, duration of people life was 100 years.

Attention! As you've probably realized, above outlined my point of view of almost three years ago. Now I am more than ever convinced that it does not meet the reality. Read my new works about the duration of Yugas and life in the Dwapara Yuga "About equivalence of Aztec and Maya's world epochs and Indian Yugas  ..." and "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood..."

Eurysynusic plots of the Korean legends about birth of the heroes reminding frogs, snails and beings like bird from huge eggs, edges of a dragon, stones, and frequent presence of dragons at them allow to assume that in the beginning of the mythological period of the Korean history the basic population of Korea, also as well as China, were dragon-people, multiarmed beings, mutants, chimeras and beings similar to them. The plot about the birth of Tangun from the woman-she-bear can bear that also yakshas, bhuttas and other mammals «covered by hair» were people lived in Korea.
The dating of time of the deluge pacified by Gun and his son Yui taken by me, has allowed me to consider that time of rule of Yao and Tangun was in the beginning of Pleistocene epoch of a Quaternary (about 1,5 million years ago).

Again, it is given above my dating of events of almost three years ago. It is not right. All the above confirms once again that the epoch of Yao-Tangun occurred at the beginning of the Middle Miocene (Dvapara Yuga), when the Earth was still full of all sorts of "monsters"

The Pliocene history (5,5 - 1,75 million years ago) (the late Miocene-Pliocene history since 13-10 million years ago?) of East China and Korea, also as well as history of Hopi Indians, Maya, Nahua, Aztecs, Incs and other American Indian nations, is hidden from us by «fog curtain» and represents one more big «white maculae». Most likely, it is the result of a deluge, strongest tectonic motions and rough volcanic activity in the beginning of the Quaternary and  the delugings by sea of most part of the Korean peninsula and considerable part of East China.

According to Japanese legends, approximately during the same time
(later than 16 million years ago, to say more precisely is not possible) Hori, who was the metis and the fellow-heir of son of Amaterasu Ninigi, married the daughter of sea god Vatatsumi-no Kami whose true shape corresponded to a monster. Their son married the aunt which had nurtured him (it is not told whom she was born) and their son Jimmu-Tenno (Jinmu-tennō) became the first emperor of Japan.

The beginning of the theme/Alternating of the power of white gods and semipeople-semidragons in East China in the Pleistocene

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