Creation of Mutant Generation in the End of the Miocene - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Creation of Mutant Generation in the End of the Miocene

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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The late stage of mythological history of the Earth (from 12-9 million years ago till the end of the Pleistocene epoch) is recorded in Indian, Chinese and partly Japanese, Korean, Egyptian and Sumerian-Akkadian legends.
I have analyzed in detail the history of our planet in the Indian legends in my book «
Battles of ancient gods». There were wars followed one for another in which the most part of the Earth population took part.
Apparently, East China and Japan were away from the main fields of battles of gods, demons, heroes and people and their history was linked mediately to events of the Indian epos. This was periodic destruction of terrain of Heavenly Empire by global
catastrophes and deluges resulted of wars.
According to ancient Chinese myths, aditya Suizheng ruled China, possibly, from 12 million years BC and he was replaced by legendary emperor Zhuan-Xu
. He is represented as water dragon with a head with horns coated by testa, or as strange being with accrete feet, ribs and brows, or as long-necked being with a body of unicorn and person face with a snout, accrete feet and pig hoofs. His helpers, sons and descendants are characterised as three faced, armless, one-armed, many-headed, multiarmed, multiped beings covered with wool and with a pig snout and long canines. All of them were long-livers.
Zhuan-Xu had occluded terrain of China by "Iron Curtain" though formally he, apparently, recognised the Supreme power of adityas (Shangdi (Shang-Di) and Djaus-Indra), having diplomatic mission in their country (Hyperborea?). Zhuan-Xu and Indra were almost equal on a rank. As it was happened between Vishna and Indra in Ancient India - at first Djaus-Indra occupied higher position, than Vishnu, then their role became approximately equal and, at last, on predominating positions there was Vishnu.
the chapter «Zhuan-Xu and his generation of mutants. The end of the Miocene is the critical period in the history of China» of my book "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werevolves" I have come out with the assumption that Zhuan-Xu, his domestics and descendants were generation of the mutants which birth had been connected with radioactive, chemical or any other poison gases which had been used during the  wars. I also dated probable time of his coming to power and appearance of mutants by the end of Miocene epoch (9 million years).

Attention! This point of view reflects my opinion almost three years ago. Beginning of alternation during the reign of Zhuan Xu of light and darkness, and appointment (of) helpers by him governing the four corners of the earth, allow me now to determine that Zhuan Xu begin to rule in the beginning of the Middle Miocene (15.9 Ma) and, as in previous cases, to shift the history of wars of gods, demons, and ancestral people, reconstructed by me in 2009-2010, in (to) earlier times. Read the proof in my work "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?"

Probably, there is the explanatory in Sumerian myth about Ninurta (the son of Enlil) what was happened on land at this time:
«Death waters had fallen upon the nice city of Ninurta filling in land and had blocked the path to water of life. Then gods who carried baskets on shoulders and loosened land with mattocks had taken alarm. Hunger had fallen upon the country
because toxicant waters of death streamed on canals. After them mountaineers had come blasting all things on their path and implicating people into slavery».
As appears from the fragment brought above, in the result of war between gods and heroes under leadership of Ninurta and army of Kuru (dragons and other monsters) the land and water had been venenated. Most likely, it had descended because of radioactive, chemical and, probably, bacteriological contamination of land.

The epoch of Zhuan-Xu became a critical mark in the history of East China and all East Asia. Zhuan-Xu began to catch overseas concubines, had forbidden marriages between near relations, had resolved a plural marriage because of selective influence of the ancient weapon on men, or for the purpose of increase of natality, or for purification of his clan from mutation consequences. After that the population of China began to grow prompt rates, and his descendants had occupied all four parts of the world. They were a passive force managed by stronger allies and became the active force capable independently to confront to any aggressors and to win any countries of the world.

Zhuan-Xu took rather aggressive policy and it is confirmed by his wars with Gungun, god of waters, semipeople-semidogs of nation of Miao and semipeople-semidragons of nation of Lee. The last says that since the epoch of Zhuan-Xu "classical" snakemen began to be opposed to multiarmed and other "shapeless" beings.

Not less terrible force, than Zhuan-Xu, was represented by Lanka’s leader (under one data it was Shri Lanka, on another - Brazil) the rakshasa of Ravana who possessed many thousands army of multiarmed and many-headed giants - rakshasas, and by the master of brilliant Alaka near mount of Kailash (nowadays it is in the Himalayas) three-legged Kubera with his army of rakshasas, nairitas, yakshas. These two heroes of the Indian epos had the most advanced weapons and flying machines on which they battled to white and black gods and demons. Quite possibly they lived on the Earth simultaneously with Zhuan-Xu.

Attention! According to the "Ramayana," Rakshasas lived on Earth in the Treta Yuga, which ended at the turn of the Early and Middle Miocene (15.9 million years ago). If they really lived in the epoch of Zhuan Xu, then his governance could fit (to) an even earlier period - the early Miocene, which I called the most "dark" period in the history of Earth. However, in my other works, including "Separation of the Moon from Earth at the Early and Middle Miocene boundary (16 million years ago)”, I assumed that the appearance of the moon and the spinup of Earth at the turn of the Early and Middle Miocene led to the emergence (or activization) of giants on the earth, including Raksasas. It was already in the beginning of the Dwapara Yuga.

In Egypt Zhuan-Xu, apparently, corresponded to Geb which had replaced aditya (?) Shu. The change of rule of Shu and Geb was marked by hurricane and the impenetrable darkness, proceeding ten days, and then divine order failure, iniquity and crimes.
After Zhuan-Xu Di Ku or Di Jiong became the legendary emperor of China. His appearance not strongly differed from shape of Zhuan-Xu. Di Ku represented any strange being with a horned bird's head and a trunk of a monkey on one foot.
He had replaced Zhuan-Xu without the aid of destructive catastrophes and unlike him was the ideal and fair governor. Di Ku carefully used resources of the Earth and taught it the subordinates, and also faithfully concerned gods. During his sovereignty music everywhere sounded and there was observation over stars, the Sun and the Moon
 (this suggests that he ruled after the Moon (that is, after 16 million years ago). One of wives of Di Ku from genus of Zoutu from the country of Hua-xu, apparently, was apsara. That fact along with a policy taken by him, can indicate about establishment by Di Ku of stronger union with adityas, gandharvas and apsaras led by Indra who lived in the north. Other wife of Di Jiong (Di Ku) E-huang, was considered as the progenitress of three-bodied beings – beings with one head and three trunks.
Di Ku or Di Jiong had numerous posterity. His descendants had founded many countries, including the Country of Bai Min (of the white people) in East desert and the Country of Sanipengo (of three-bodied beings) on Southern plain. The epoch of his rule, apparently, was ended
at the Miocene and Pliocene boundary (5,5 million years ago)  and coincided with the catastrophe which had ruined the former world.

The beginning of the theme/Disembarkation of "sons of the sky» in the beginning of the Quaternary

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Read my work (in Russian) "People" of Zhuan Xu and Di Ku - one-legged, many-bodied, many-sided, and other "mutants" of Chinese legends", "Snakemen - amphibians - space aggressors, destroyers of the world and the teachers of people", "Multiarm Fomorians and Rakshasas - gigantic reasonable insects or radiation mutants?" и "Patriarchy and polygamy: a view from time immemorial"? and my translated work "Rakshasas -huge multiarmed and many-headed demons from Indian legends"

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