Creation of an Association (of Websites) on the Study of the Unknown - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Creation of an Association (of Websites) on the Study of the Unknown

About the author and his project

I often think about why many scientists do not see faint points of the existing theories of creation of the world and evolution of life. Do not pay attention that their basic postulates do not stand up to criticism. Also do not notice the numerous facts, contradictory to these theories. The answer has come after dialogues with specialists with world names. More often they, "from legs to a head" absorbed in their work, do not know at all about existence of alternative views on development of the Earth and mankind, and if and heard for a moment about them, do not guess, how much strong these views are grounded. The purpose of my site - educational. I wish to show that the time of reforms has come, that schoolboys and students should not prolong to study under old textbooks. The time has come to prepare new specialists on natural sciences which will know equally well astronomy, geology, archeology, history and folklore.  I perceive, how it is difficult to "break down" old views, to overcome resistance of different "fighters with a pseudo science", which themselves are its main brake (an excellent example - the entomologist of V. Grebennikov who devised the gravity plane, breaked laws of modern physics,  and many long years flied on it in the sky of Novosibirsk region, was the subject of persuits by "fighters with a pseudo science" from the local branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Therefore I call upon for joining of reasonable scientists who can and wish to think in a new fashion (the age here is not hindrance; I communicated time and again with 80-year-old specialists who easily accepted nontraditional views concerning development of the world and life and even popularized them). I call upon to be consolidated on the basis of a principle of  scientific approach of explorers of the Unknown which have their Websites, published works or only still wish to publish them. To create something like the Association of Websites on the Unknown with the capability to pass to a site of any research area and quikly to discover the required articles. The Association should become in perspective a leader in a struggle for the reform of education in the field of natural sciences and set forth alternative views on development of the Earth and mankind at schools, colleges, universities, scientific institutes and governments. And, certainly, to use all of its authority for engaging of sponsor's means for further development of researches and creation of scientific institutions in which specialists could work on paid basis.
The given proposal should not have temporary and territorial boundaries that Websites registered in any country of the world could join the Association, and explorers from different countries, of any views and religious beliefs, could place on pages of sites of the Association for review of million readers from an every corner of the terrestrial globe the results of their investigations. The main condition of the future success and authority of such Association, to my mind, must be strict observance of principles of scientific approach and carrying out researches on the basis of facts.


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