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Photo Gallery

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In this section photos taken by me during the expeditions and travels are placed. However, not so much as I would like, and not the original quality (compressed). But, it's all I can offer you, taking into account the limited disk space and long time of downloading of the website to the server. I hope, nevertheless, the images will be enough to help you to decide whether to make such trips themselves. Well, and to whom they will be useful for the collection or works - use them unhesitatingly. I do not put any restrictions on their use, except for a link to the site  


Rock City of Petra (Jordan)


Timna valley - King Solomon's Mines. Negev Desert (Israel)

Qumran. Manuscripts (scrolls) from the Dead Sea (Palestine)


New Jerusalem (Moscow Region, Russia)

Nazareth (Israel)

Ancient Egyptian-Roman-Byzantine-Muslim settlement (city) of Bet She'an (Israel)

Ancient Roman-Muslim-Crusader settlement (city, fortress) of Caesarea (Israel)

Sodom and Gomorrah. Dead Sea (Israel)

Masada. Dead Sea (Israel)

Galilee. Lake Kinneret - the Sea of Galillee (Israel)

Cave town of Arbel (Israel)

Nimrod Fortress (Israel)

Sanctuary of Pan, Banias (Israel)

Roman ruins of Banias (Israel)

Banias. Headwaters of Hermon-Jordan (Israel)

Megiddo - Armageddon (Israel)

Nahal Amud - the Garden of Eden (Israel)

Bahai Gardens and Temple in Haifa (Israel)

Crusader fortress (fortified) town of Akko (Israel)

Roman and Byzantine ruins and mosaics of Zippori (Israel)

Judean Desert (Israel)

The Sidonian caves. Beit (Bet) Guvrin - Maresha National Park (Israel)

Canaanite and Ancient Hebrew city of Arad (Tel Arad). Tel Arad National Park  (Israel)

Ancient Hebrew city of Susiya (Palestinian Authority)

Lakish. Tel Lakish National Park (Israel)

Canaanite and Hebrew town of Arad (Tel Arad). National Park Tel Arad (Israel)

Tel Hazor. National Park Tel Hazor (Israel)

(Capharnaum) - Tabgha. Church Geptapegon, seven springs, better known as the Church of the Multiplication (Israel)

Tabgha - Capernaum. Church of St. Peter or Menza Christie (table of the Lord) (Israel)

Greek Church of Council of the Twelve Apostles in Capernaum (Israel)

Soreq Cave (Israel)

Cave of Elijah the Prophet (Israel)

Nahal / El Wad Cave (Mount Carmel, Israel)

Stone heads of Carmel Mount (Israel)

Tombs of the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem (Israel)


Angkor - Takeo temple, dedicated to Shiva (Cambodia)

Angkor - Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor - Angkor Thom (Cambodia)

Angkor - Angkor Ta Prohm (Cambodia)

Buoyant village on Tonle Sap Lake (Siem Reap, Cambodia)


Ancient capital of Siam, Ayutthaya (Thailand)

Temples of Bangkok (Thailand)

Parks of Thailand

Uninhabited islands of the Gulf of Siam (Thailand)

Cave temple of monkeys of Wat Tham Lakang Thom (Thailand)

Statues and statuettes of Buddha from temples of Thailand

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