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Hyperborea=North - the Place out of Time

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Hyperborea - the northern native land of mankind

Hyperborea - the northern native land of mankind. It is also Svarga or Blue Svarga from Indian and Slavonic legends. It is also Jambudvipa from ancient Indian and Buddhist texts. How much investigations were spent to prove the existence of mysterious Hyperborea. How much different judgements exist where is to search its remains. And all is vain - the northern mainland persistently does not wish to open the secrets. Great volume of my investigations and considerable part of my books "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth" and "Battles of ancient gods" somehow or other too relate to Hyperborea. And I very much hope that I managed to approach at least a little to the solution of its secret. The basic error of the majority of explorers of this mysterious mainland is their initial confidence that Hyperborea existed ten thousand years ago and has perished in the result of the great catastrophe and the deluge which occured approximately 12,5 thousand years ago (read more...)

Svarga (Jambudvipa, Hyperborea). The world where gods lived
Despite the prevalent opinion that all gods were inhabitants of heaven, their larger part lived on land, in water or underground. According to Indian and Slavonic legends, gods-incomers (Adityas/devas and Svarozhichi - svarozhichs) lived in the land (kingdom) of Indra/Svarog - Svarga/Blue Svarga, the capital of which was the majestic city of gods of Amaravati. In spite of the fact that Old Indian written information sources point (indicate) to different location of Svarga and Amaravati - from the superior planets (Satjaloka, Maharloka, Svargaloka) to some area between Earth and the Sun, of heaven or of the earth surface, in the Second and the Third books of the "Mahabharata" (Sabhaparva and Aranyakaparva) more than convincing arguments are given in favour of that Svarga, including Meru mount (Amaravati was on the top of it), Mandara and adjacent mounts with forests, gardens, parks and orchards, was on on land (read more...)

V.Perri. Forgotten world. A buried landscape of Atlantis (Hyperborea) is discovered?
Buried deep beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic Ocean lies an ancient, lost landscape with furrows cut by rivers and peaks that once belonged to mountains. Geologists recently discovered this roughly 56-million-year-old landscape using data gathered for oil companies."It looks for all the world like a map of a bit of a country onshore," said Nicky White, the senior researcher. "It is like an ancient fossil landscape preserved 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) beneath the seabed."
So far, the data have revealed a landscape about 3,861 square miles (10,000 square km) west of the Orkney-Shetland Islands that stretched above sea level by almost as much as 0.6 miles (1 km).  White and colleagues suspect it is part of a larger region that merged with what is now Scotland and may have extended toward Norway in a hot, prehuman world
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