History of the Earth and Mankind from the Beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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History of the Earth and Mankind from the Beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist

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Below is the content of materials available in this section. Black font - translated into English, grayish-green font - not translated into English yet. If you translate any work (or correct mistakes in available translations), send it, please, to me for placement on the website. If a link in the work leads to a work in Russian, necessarily check up the contents of the section for shure, because probably, this work has been already translated into English

Reconstruction of history of the antediluvian world carried out in my books «Battle of ancient gods» and «the Earth before a flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves» embrace all Cenozoic era (from 66 million years before Christ). However, because legends and myths of the majority of the people describe events of much more late time (as a rule, from 34-24 million years before Christ), the most detailed reconstruction of structure and settlement of antediluvian "mankind" cover Oligocene epoch of Paleogene period (34 - 24 million years ago), Neogene period (24 - 1,8 million years ago) and Early Quaternary period (from 1.8 million years up to 10 thousand years ago).

This section summarizes the results of my researches of many years stated in my three books: "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth" (issued by publishing house "Veche" in Russian in 2009), "Battles of ancient gods" (issued by publishing house "Veche" in the form of 4 separate books in Russian in 2011,) and "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves" (scheduled for publication in 2013). Many of considered in it and other problems are detail elucidated (covered in greater details) on the pages of Russian part of the site and Russian forum dopotopa.com "Disappeared continents and civilisations", which have been creating over 3 years (information at the end of 2012) after the writing of the books. Due to the fact that for the last 3 years I partly reconsidered  the hypotheses and conclusions set forth in the books (which is quite natural, taking into consideration the complexity of reconstruction for such a remote period in the history of Earth), I tried to let you know on the pages of this section/theme about my new views (to the end of 2012) in the form of notes and additions (the most significant of which are identified by the word "Warning!")

Content  of the section "History of the Earth and mankind  from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist" (P.Oleksenko's translation)

Paleocene-Eocene eras - the world of humanoid and serpentine gods and demons, divided on justice

Intrusion of snakemen - amphibians to the Earth in the end of the Eocene era. The Eocene- Oligocene catastrophe

World structure and the population of the Earth in the Oligocene epoch

Disembarkation of space mission of daityas and danavas in the end of the Oligocene epoch. Settling of the Earth by black both white-skinned newcomers and their descendants - giants

The end of the Oligocene - a train of wars for domination over the world and strategic unions of that time. The reasons of the Oligocene - Miocene catastrophe. History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the  Paleogene up to the Nativity

Earth in the early Miocene - a strange world of light and dark half

Construction of the world in the beginning of the Miocene by snakemen-incomers. Their creative role in the development and progress of human civilization

Life underground. Creation of "new" people, mixture of "new" and "old" people and formation of Metises generation  

Life on a light half of the Earth. The terrains occupied by white and black humanoid, serpentine and multiarmed gods and demons in the early Miocene

Great hunger and wars of gods and demons in the end of the early Miocene

Boundary of the early and middle Miocene - separation of the Moon from Earth. Acquisition of modern kind by our planet

History of the Earth from the middle Miocene up to the Nativity - the history of wars for world repartition

Rat-tat. There has ascended the sun! Rat-tat. It is time to leave from under land! The life revival on Earth in the middle Miocene

Populations of the Earth and world wars in the late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. Weapon of gods and demons

"White maculas" of the Pliocene - Pleistocene mythology of Indians in both Americas and their possible causes

Creation of mutants generation in the end of the Miocene

Disembarkation of "sons of the sky» in the beginning of the Quaternary

Alternating of governing (the power) of white gods and semidragons-semipeople in East China in the Pleistocene

History of the Earth in the Pleistocene and Holocene. Destiny of the white gods

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