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Appearance of the Moon

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World coverage of legends about the great catastrophe and appearance of the moon
According to the ancient Indian epics and legends of the Maya, Nahua, the Aztec, Inca, Aymara, Hopi and other peoples of North, Central and South America (here or here) a catastrophe at the turn of the Early and Middle Miocene, 16 million years ago, was accompanied by the emergence of Moon, the earth's axis tilting, and the Sun and the Moon rising in different directions, but with equal brightness. They also reported the oceans and continents changing shape, glaciation, a flood, a period of darkness and cold.
This suggests a disaster reflected in the legends and myths of other nations going back to remote times, spreading far beyond the affected regions(read more...)

Separation of the Moon from Earth at the Early and Middle Miocene boundary

Continuous wars between gods and demons in the end of the Early Miocene had aggravated and without that misery of the population of Earth and favoured further destruction of its water-steam layer. It had led to sharp worsening of climate - to covering Earth's surface by a solid cover of clouds, to plentiful outflowing of rains and to falling of temperature. On the Earth hunger began. In the long run, irreconcilable antagonists Adityas, Daityas, Danavas and dragon-people had been compelled to unite for the sake of carrying out of urgent measures for recovery of more or less suitable conditions for life on the planet  (read more...)

The Moon - a fragment of Hyperborea!?
Some years ago an ironical notice in some material about Hyperborea that it was searched everywhere except as on the Moon had caught my eye. It has appeared prophetical.... The strange thing - a destiny. Sometimes she plays with us malicious jokes, and at times gives such surprises that a heart with joy is ready to jump out of a chest. Here and with me there was something similar. I had finished the chapter about separation of the Moon from Earth (the book "Battles of ancient gods") and had gone to look a film about the Moon, to rest a little. And fancy my agitation when less than in a half an hour I had heard that the hypothesis just stated by me received all new and new confirmations   (read more...)

The Moon and Creation. One more argument in favor of the appearance of people 16 million years ago
Просматривая новые и ранее размещенные, но уже изрядно подзабытые материалы на сайте, форуме и в Интернете, я время от времени сталкиваюсь с фактами, подтверждающими мои отдельные выводы и гипотезы. В их числе – время появления людей современного типа... Какие факты подтверждают, что человек появился 16 млн. лет назад? Предлагаю познакомиться с моим переводом статьи Финикса Акуа "Творение"... В статье содержится очень важная информация об энергетических линиях Земли, волнах Шумана и вибрациях человеческого тела... Я обращу ваше внимание лишь на один ее аспект - резонансные частоты Земли (волны Шумана) определяют месячные и/или менструальные циклы.  Но ведь месячные циклы (а значит и современные резонансные частоты Земли) могли начаться только после появления Луны (read more...)

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