Construction of the World in the Beginning of the Miocene by Snakemen - Incomers. Their Creative Role in the Development and Progress of Human Civilization - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Construction of the World in the Beginning of the Miocene by Snakemen - Incomers. Their Creative Role in the Development and Progress of Human Civilization

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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As well as in the Oligocene beginning, after the Oligocene-Miocene catastrophe (and here) the world had been transformed beyond recognition. Valleys were formed on a place of mounts, mounts began to tower on a place of valleys, land and seas had exchanged in places, and deluge consequences were ramained on continents still long time - according to Sumerian myth about Enki and universe, the land had been coated by impervious brakes and moors, there was no salvage from snakes and scorpions, packs of furious and hungry beasts ransacked everywhere. But, as before, the life gradually came back in an "old channel". There were gods and demigods - the same adityas with gandharvas and daityas with danavas which had flying machines and had waited the catastrophe in Space and also new snakemen of semiaquatic-semiterrestrial life (already known Sumerian god Enki was one of them) who had come to help to inhabitants of the Earth which waited the catastrophe in underground refuges and which, apparently, included snakemen, multiarmed beings, daityas with danavas, gandharvas with apsaras and their descendants from mixed marriages.
Enki and his followers "stumped  bush and drained the land", and also had trained "people" who almost were not differing from wildings, to agriculture, animal industries, building, weaving and many other crafts. They have passed to "people" divine rules, laws and oracles which should regulate the world organisation.

On the creative role and suspected time of life on the Earth Enki corresponded to the Chinese legendary emperor Shandong, Yandi or Yaowang and the goddess of fresh water and cross-flow waters Chalchiuhtlicue or Matlalcueye managing the Fourth world epoch of Nahua and Aztecs (23-15,9 million years ago). As well as Enki, Shendong trained "people" on husbandry, to cattle breeding, manufacturing of bread, nutriment and medicine. And Chalchiuhtlicue, like him, had taken part in the Creation of new people at the boundary of the Early and Middle Miocene (15,9 million years ago).
At all subsequent turning-points of history - after catastrophes destroying the former world - snakemen-amphibians took the most active part in learning of survived "mankind" to various sciences and crafts and, thus, led the invaluable contribution to development and the further progress of "human" civilisation. Dagon, Odakon, Oannes and other Abgal or Apkallu (Akkadian), were apparently their last representatives, which I have wrongly considered as amphibian fish beings in my work "The Teachers who have endured deluges" on the basis of bas-reliefs on the wall of palace of assyrian tsar Sargon II (721-705 BC) in Horsabad (Iraq) and on ruins of old persian capital Pasargadae (Iran) and other bas-reliefs, figurines, seals and images. They were teachers of people during the last 500 thousand years when our planet was shaken very often with world wars with using of nuclear, laser, weather, geomagnetic and magic weapon.
In the Ancient Greece, Egypt, Phoenicia, Syria, Persia sea "aged men" and "maidens" with snake tails were known under the names of Cecrops (Kekrops), Erichthonios, Proteus, Nereus, Triton, Glaucus (Glaukos), Phorcys, Palaemon, Nigeon, Artemis, Derketo - Atargatis, Osiris, Isida, Neftida, Nommo, … All of them treated kindly with people and had not something in common with those spiteful beings (Hiranyaksha, Hayagriva, Gungun, Tiamat, King, etc.) which had invaded on our planet in the end of Eocene. Judging by evidences of eyewitnesses arriving from time to time, meetings with sea people proceed till now.

The beginning of the theme/Life underground. Creation of "new" people, mixture of "new" and "old" people and formation of Metises generation

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©  P. Oleksenko, 2011 (translation)

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