Communism and Capitalism: A 25 Million Year Ago Space Confrontation (the Connection between Freemasonry and Christianity, the Ideology of the Sun Gods and Secret Government, Agartha - Shambala, Managing the Development of Mankind) - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Communism and Capitalism: A 25 Million Year Ago Space Confrontation (the Connection between Freemasonry and Christianity, the Ideology of the Sun Gods and Secret Government, Agartha - Shambala, Managing the Development of Mankind)

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In this article I want to draw your attention to struck me similarity of the symbolism of (Free)masonry and disappeared Chinese, Egyptian, Indo-Iranian, Central and South American civilizations, as well as general features of the ideology of (Free)masonry and one of the two waging wars with each other over the past 25 million years, groups of former inhabitants of the earth whose roots reach out in the time of existence of the vast northern continent of Hyperborea, and the sources are hidden in the mysterious country of sages and mystics of Shambhala and Agartha (and here). Because of  (a) debatable subject and ambiguous interpretations of many of the views set out in the article, as well as secrecy and different interpretation of the secret teachings of the (Free)masons this article does not claim even that to be considered as a scientific hypothesis. I'm just speaking out loud in it my thoughts based in the first place on study of many years of the mythology of various nations and my previously written books and articles about the "golden age", Hyperborea, white gods and demons, serpent people, many-armed reasonable beings, as well as read by me the vast literature of Shambhala, Agartha and Masonry. I apologize in advance to those readers who decide that I am trying to "whitewash" or, conversely, "blacken" (Freemasonry), white gods, sages of Shambhala, Agartha, as well as some historical personalities ... In fact, I'm doing nothing of the sort. And only touch in the paper upon the questions that can’t be avoided when covering the goal. I have done my best to the article was based on facts and not on unsubstantiated pseudo-scientific speculations related to my personal preference. Moreover, in this matter I simply do not have it - you will soon discover that I was led by only ardor of a researcher.

(Free)masonry connection with the heritage of ancient civilizations and the mastermind (to) them from the occult center of Agartha - Shambhala provides answers to many questions that we heard a lot of times from different researchers, and to which I have repeatedly drawn your attention in my works. I will name some of them:
Where was authors of fantasy films such as "The Lord of the Rings", "Avatar", "Dinotopia", "Stargate", "Star Wars" and many others, discovered our past even as it outlined in the oldest and most secret traditions?
- Where did Piri Reis, Orontes Fineus, Haji Ahmed, Gerhard Mercator, Philippe Bousher maps which shows the geography of Earth of 20-40 million years ago, appear from?

- Where did the members of the Masonic Lodge and the Order of the Rosicrucians get the plans of underground tunnels and structures under the pyramids of Giza, the existence of which, according to T.Bushby, were confirmed by ground-based and satellite studies in the thirties - nineties of the last century?

- Where have the remains of reasonable beings and the objects of conscious activity discovered in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments, disappeared? In fact, according to numerous reports and testimonies, part of which I have mentioned in my work "Where have material remains of the ancients disappeared? They amount to thousands! (calculate by thousands)", there were found quite a number of such remains and objects, they were kept in various museums, and a short time later disappeared without a trace.

- Why were so many well-known historical figures who were searching for Shambhala and Agartha, one way or another, connected with the Masons?

I could provide many other similar questions, but I guess this does not make sense, because all of these questions will be given about the same answer. All ancient knowledge of the world (including the amazing imagination ancient maps) go from the country of the sages - long-lived or immortal (no matter Adityas or, according to Buddhist tradition, Vidyadharas) living in hidden from our world by a "mystical veil" mysterious countries of Agartha and Shambhala , which became the heritage of especially dedicated members of the Masonic Lodge.
Then, on different circumstances (the important role played seizures of the secret archives of Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Illuminati in the postwar years) part of this knowledge seeped into the world of the uninitiated in the secret teachings of people each time causing lengthy discussions, and, more often, a complete lack of understanding.
As for the films, which reflect our history - a thousand times closer to the truth than history books describe it - this is also not surprising. When I was browsing on the Internet a list of influential Freemasons, I found among them many well known cultural figures. Probably, thereby they give to other people to understand what happened to our planet in the distant past, but most people can’t, or maybe just does not want to understand them. Approximately also as it can’t understand the signs on the grain fields which leave for us representatives of other civilizations.
There is also nothing strange in the fact that for thousands of years not fitting into the traditional view of history remains of highly developed cultures disappear with an enviable constancy, and available in the vaults of museums findings are not exposed. Long before this writing I read about numerous cases of buying such findings by unknown persons allegedly to replenish their personal collections. About occurring purposeful destruction of knowledge is written in many publications. What purposes is this done for?
As the saying goes, Lord works in mysterious ways. But if the development of humanity on Earth actually controlled by the Lord of the World from the Underground Kingdom of Agharta, as it wrote F. Ossendovsky, it is likely that he thinks that it is too early for people to know about their true past; the ancient Slavic legends of Svarog’ cycle and Indian myths hint about the same. Although, I do not think so, and ready to defend my convictions even before the Lord of the World.
Knowledge should be publicly available, and correct understanding of their true purpose is to contribute to the progress, not the degradation of humanity. Indeed, despite the fact that some religious leaders condemn the White Brotherhood, and even equate it to "demonism" and "Satanism", mythology and history (though not commonly accepted) shows that it bears the Supreme Wisdom and pursues a goal of moral liberation of humanity, which once will throw off the weight of the accumulated sins again
, be able to live in a "golden age."
And the Masonic teaching, despite the fact that some researchers believe that masons cause revolutions and military conflicts, declares its purpose the Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood of all people living on Earth and the establishment of a single world state in which there will not private property, and enslavement of man by man, that is all the same sort of  the "golden age"
(and here) - or, to use the terminology of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhukada, of a single world state of "Bharata Varsha".


Part 1. (Free)masons, Rosicrucians and the Illuminati

Part 2. Key masonic symbols and their origins (the compass and square)

Part 3. Key masonic symbols and their origins (the winged sun, double-headed eagle and caduceus)

Part 4. Key masonic symbols and their origins (the crosses and all-seeing eye)

Part 5. Masonic symbols – the symbols of sun gods, reflecting monotheism

Part 6. Management the (Free)masons from Agartha and Shambhala. The secret government of the Earth

Part 7. (Free)masonry and Christianity - the ideology of sun gods

Part 8. Why Masons can’t create a single world state?

Part 9. The role of (Free)masons in the world's history (the Great October Socialist Revolution and the Soviet period)

Part 10. The role of (Free)masons in the history of the world (Hitler and the Masons)

Part 11. The role of Freemasons in the history of the world (Freemasons and world events)

Part 12. The modern world - the triumph of the ideology of the opponents of the divine order and harmony of the world

Part 13. Reform of environmental education - is inevitable

Part 14 (final). The ancient teachings, Tibetan practice and prospects of development of modern science

Cimmeria, Scythia, Sarmatia, Gaul ... - the legacy of sun gods (afterword to the work of "Communism and Capitalism: The 25 million-year confrontation"

Part 1. (Free)masons, Rosicrucians and the Illuminati (only Russian text now)

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Part 2. Key Masonic symbols and their origins. Compass and square (translated by L.Fitzpatrick)

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