Catastrophes on Earth and Mars - United Links of Space Catastrophes - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Catastrophes on Earth and Mars - United Links of Space Catastrophes

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In the "Catastrophes on Earth and Mars - united links of space catastrophes" by A Koltypin common features of sediments deposited in the periods of global catastrophes on Earth and on Mars are considered. It is rusty and brownish-brown rocks related to heightened contents of oxides and hydrooxides of iron, presence of microspheric iron concretions, heightened contents of gypsum in sediments etc. All these singularities indicate that sedimentation in the periods of catastrophes occured in continental conditions with participation of acid rains saturated with sulfuric acid, during regression of the sea and denudation of former deposits by a disastrous surge of tsunami up to 4 - 5 km in altitude.
Eroded (washed away) surfaces of Earth and Mars were exposed to strong oxidation by excesses of oxygen in the conditions of almost complete termination of its consumption by animals. As a result of it, boundary's sediments on Earth and the surface of Mars had been enriched by iron oxides, and oxygen content in the atmospheres of that time, apparently, fell to record-low meanings.
Severe frosts, dominating during catastrophes, resulted in that on Earth water in the oceans and seas was covered with a thick layer of ice, and on Mars oceans have freezed entirely...

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