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Building Blocks of Antique and Medieval time

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I have placed below some photos of masonries from I century BC till XVI century AD which was used by Romans, Byzantians, Jews and medieval builders. In the presented photos cementing stone blocks jointing material is good visible which is absent in the "Incan" megalithic masonry. Blocks themselves, as a rule, have much more smaller size, than megaliths, and also are much worse worked (handled). They have no relief faces (sides) on a surface, holes. In a word - they have nothing in common with megalithic masonry in the Tunnel of the Temple mount and the exavated lowerest part of the Western wall. Therefore, the assumption of some explorers that there was a deficit of cement at the time of Herod, to my mind, is absurd.  You can see on the photos there was no deficit of cement neither earlier nor later.

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On the left - the characteristic masonry of times of Solomon-Herod in the area of archeological excavations in the Jerusalem archaeological park, partially overlapping  a bedrock foundation; in front on the right - a small megalithic block lying on a surface. In the middle - an example of a masonry of times of Herod in the middle part of the Western wall. On the right - a byzantian masonry III-V century AD in Capernaum in the place of the old synagogue in which Christ preached

The wall of Old Jerusalem. A masonry of XVI century (of times of Suleyman Dazzling). Large enough blocks are found in it too, but, at first, not such large as in the basis of the Western wall, and secondly, character of the masonry strikingly differs from a megalithic masonry of the basis of the Western wall

Ancient and medieval stonework

The masonry of XII (?) centuary in the Temple of the Sacred Tomb has similar character

Roman masonry of I century BC - I century AD ( in the middle) and a little more late byzantian masonry, not later than VII century AD (on the left), in Bet She'an  (Bet She'an national park). They differs from the other types of a masonry, viewed above, only by stone blocks composition. Basalt was the main building stone here

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I, A. Koltypin the author of these photos and text, and translator of the work give permission to use these for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that my authorship and hyperlink to the site is given.

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