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Bas Relief or Rocky Formation (Cappadocia, Turkey)?

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When visiting the Valley of Love of Goreme National Park in Cappadocia (Turkey), we were struck by the similarity of some of the rocks with eroded (washed by erosion) bas-reliefs - we saw from a distance images of people, animals, birds, ... However, as we got closer (approached) resemblance to them disappeared and we could not take pictures of anything. However, one such "bas-relief" or rock carving composition has nevertheless remained (see photo below).
What is your opinion - is it a natural or artificial formation – the bas-relief of a women washed by erosion?

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Rocky outcrops, surprisingly reminiscent eroded bas-reliefs with varying approach. Particularly impressive is the figure of a woman on the right.

The section "Collection of inexplicable things and facts"

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the series of my works (with an abundance of high quality photographs) about the underground and rock cities of Cappadocia (Turkey). The final work "When and by whom underground and rock cities of Cappadocia (Turkey) were built?" was translated into English  

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