The Rigveda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Popol-Vuh, the Book of Enoch and Other Ancient Books and Legends - Invaluable Sources of Thousand-Years or Million-Years Wisdom - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Rigveda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Popol-Vuh, the Book of Enoch and Other Ancient Books and Legends - Invaluable Sources of Thousand-Years or Million-Years Wisdom

Myths and legends
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Once I wrote a letter to one scientist (the doctor in history, professor), the leading world specialist on learning of folklore, and asked him to comment likeness of myths and legends of different people and some myths with geologic events. He replied to me that legends, all without exception, are fiction ("superstition and fiction of a devil" - the citation from a medieval text of times of inquisition) and there are no truth crumbs in them. I don't want to denominate the name of this scientist not to discredit him. Nevertheless, I can not also hide my surprise as such people can become leading experts on folklore learning. Most likely, they compound a skeleton of "committees on a struggle with a pseudo science". One of the main functions of which is a struggle with the true knowledge.
Reading and re-reading various miraculously escaped destruction during deluges, earthquakes, conflagrations, fires of inquisition and other natural disasters and acts of conscientious annihilation by people of ancient books you strike every time, how much complete and deep they disclose (unveil) at times many  thousand-year (and may be, and many  million-year) wisdom. To take for example one of the most ancient books in the world - the old Indian "Rigveda" existing on the most conservative estimates from II millenary BC. The "Rigveda" speaks that Earth had earlier bilayer atmosphere - the upper sky with water reserves "Svah" and being under it airspace "Bhuvah", below which there was earth "Bhuh" (about the same - existence above an air layer (shell) or the "vault of heaven" or the "rakaya" the second, water-steam layer (shell) or the "waters which above vault of heaven" - is written in the Genesis of the Old testament). The "Rigveda" also narrates about various inhabitants of previous Earth, their repeated destruction, occupation of our planet by space aggressors - asuras (Daityas and Danavas), and also how they maped out a near-earth orbit and earth, deserted before their appearence (the  grandparent of all Danavas Vayshvanara "has measured spaciousnesses [of lands], Possessed by perfect strength of mind, he measured light space of heaven").

Not a bit smaller revelations are given in the Book of Enoch (IV-I century BC) in the basis of which the knowledge was laid received by the biblical patriarch Enoch during his travelling into heaven. The Book of Enoch was considered rather authoritative both in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament epochs, though was not canonical the major portion of the Christian era under not  absolutely clear reason of absence of evidences of its antiquity (more possible, because of shocking by its unlikeliness data) - now it is canonical only in the Ethiopian Church. 

The Book of Enoch, which the Lord in the Highest ordered to save up to pass "the wise of  people; because in them (the Pentateuch of Enoch) are the feast of the mind, the source of wisdom and the river of knowledge",  also speaks about any mysterious race of guards (and here) which in time immemorials descended from heavens to the earth and carried out its mapping (apparently, maps of P. Reis, O.Fineaus, H. Ahmed, G. Merkator, P. Bauche and others are the copies of maps of that time), about the giants inhabited the earth, about the anger granted on them by God, about the punishment of antediluvian mankind and about many other mysterious and inexplicable things.

The Book of Giants and the Book of Jubilees (reached our time in fragments which, according to Milik and some other scientists learning Qumran manuscripts, are the constituent parts of the Pentateuch of Enoch) - other vivid examples of the description of life of antediluvian mankind.
The analogous information is hidden in "Cabbala" books (Zohar, Tikuney Zohar, etc.).
Less shocking, but, in spite of this, turn traditional scientific conceptions about the world and an origin and evolution of mankind, knowledge are contained in canonical books of Jews, christians and Moslems the Torah, the Old testament and the Koran.
The detailed information about the main periods of evolution of the Earth, former mankinds, global catastrophes and also descriptions of catastrophes themselves are contained in rewrited by the Latin letters at the time of the Conquista ancient Aztec codes of Chimalpopoko ("the Legend about Suns" and "the Annals of Kuautitlan"), Florentine, Vatican A, Telleriano-Remensis, Rios, Ishtlilshochitl and others.
Many Shumerian-Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other ancient texts and oral legends of different people (living from Tierra del Fuego to Greenland and from California to Australia and New Zealand) narrate about a time when there was no moon in the sky, when above land two suns shone simultaneously, when the sun rised in the north  and set in the south, when our planet was cleaved on parts by gigantic clefts, when it was covered by huge surges of deluges reaching tops of the highest mounts...
In many texts and legends strange multiarm, many-headed, three-bodied, single-eyed (and here) and other beings describe which  formerly wandered on the Earth surface...
Perhaps, the most important source of knowledge about the world and mankind (at least, they have produced such impression on me) are Old Indian epic poems the "Mahabharata", the "Ramayana", having similar content Puranas, the sacred book of Zoroastrians the "Avesta" and, certainly, the Sacred book of maya-kiche with surprising history "Popol-Vuh", which narrate about previous mankinds, their destructions, long and wearisome life of far grandparents of maya in subterranean settlement Tulan-Chimostok (when there were impenetrable darkness on the Earth and terrible frosts), and also describe "old people"  and speak about making (creation) of  "new people" (and here), similar to white gods, which were bereaved by them in the sequel of their extrasensory capacities and clairvoyance...
In the final part of "Popol-Vuh" it is told about termination of the period of darkness and Exodus (outcome) of far grandparents of maya from Tulan - Chimostok and settlement by them the South and the North Americas. To reach the Central and the North America, far grandparents of maya had to be necessary to cross a sea. Regarding that modern subterranean mazes  stretching under a considerable parts of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivias, Chile and Argentina and having thousand  kilometers in length were Tulan-Chimostok, and the sea between the North and the South America had disappeared approximately 5,3-5,5 million years ago, most likely, the information contained in "Popol-Vuh" unambiguously indicates that far grandparents of maya lived underground before this time.
Means, more than 5,5 million years ago there was also a period of darkness Chamak-Pacha in the end of which white god Vira Kocha had come to the South America. And if to regard furthermore that according to legends of South American Indians, the megalithic city of Tiahuanaco
in Bolivia lied in ruins at that time, it means that stated by H. Bellamy in the work "Built before the flood. The Problem of the Tiahuanaco ruins" and by me in the works "Megalithic structures - erected before the Flood" and "When megalithic structures were built?"   supposition that megaliths of South America and the Temple mount in Jerusalem had been built much million years ago, very much near to true.
It is only necessary to read correctly ancient legends, to draw an analogies betwen them and geologic data and, the main, not to be frightened of an incredible, shocking antiquity of many events, described in legends. For example, that at the time of life of heroes of the "Ramayana" (written earlier II-III century of century BC) the ancient empire of Rakshasas with capital of Lanka (according to different data the modern Shri Lanka or Brazil) was covered with snow and ice in winter. And it could not be after 12 thousand years ago... And if to take into consideration that heroes of the "Ramayana" lived in the Treta-Yuga and  to consider my dating of the Yugas, it turns out that events of the "Ramayana" describe the time, distant from us not less than 16 million years ago!

I have told you about all these, that you can be convinced that to receive the true knowledge about the world and mankind history is impossible without comprehensive learning of the inheritance of the past. Some examples (it is in many times more them in the books) from the "Rigveda", the Book of  Enoch, "Popol-Vuh", the "Ramayana"  I have just given . But still more greater source of wisdom, in my opinion, is the "Mahabharata". It contains the detailed story how people appeared on the Earth, what reasonable beings  wandered on land  before appearence of people and how they looked, and also it speaks  about those times, when seas were inhabited by marine monsters with whales or more in size - tymingils,  swallowed  them tjamitymingils, similar to gigantic crocodiles makaras, devouring them gigantic seabirds... 

The "Mahabharata" (III-I millenaries BC) describes in detail episodes of settlement of the Earth by space aggressors, their struggle with native inhabitants of our planet, Earth' destructions and perishing of  previous mankinds during global catastrophes, the account of which is counted from those times when the Earth surface teemed by orthograde, four-footed, winged and creeping dragons and snakes (the Mesozoic era)... It is only necessary to manage to read far messages of the past correctly.
That is why I persistently call upon to learn children from a school bench to all these invaluable wells of wisdom which contain much more truthful information about our past, than modern textbooks on ancient history.
That is why I call upon to join together efforts of geologists, historians, ethnographers and other specialists to manage to decode the wisdom recorded in ancient legends and to prepare universal specialists on natural sciences.

And now I give you an opportunity to read some major fragments of ancient manuscripts which throw light on our true history. And for that you can easier detect their hidden sence, I supplement these fragments with my commentings (you can and not read them). I very much hope that you will also read my books in which I have carried out the comparative analisis of folklore and geologic data. I hope, for the first time in the world, therefore reconstructed by me history of mankind frightens by an incredible antiquity. Though about approximately the same time of settlement of the Earth N.K.Roerich also wrote, and he as no one else, possessed by many knowledge of Devoted.

 According to the Vedic system, the history of Earth was devided on the Satya-Yuga (Golden Age), the Treta-Yuga, the Dvapara-Yuga and Kali-Yuga, and duration of human life was changed from 100 000 years in the Satya-Yuga till 10 000 years in the Treta-Yuga, 1 000 years in the Dvapara-Yuga and, at last, 100 years in Kali-Yuga. According to the Indian legends, improbably ancient knowledge having in the Veda (perhaps, in the "Mahabharata" too) had been brought to people by immortal Nagas (under other data, by Gangharvas).

Read my work about chronology of the yugas "History repeats itself in 150 million years. About equivalence of Aztec and Maya's world epochs and Indian Yugas and about existence of reasonable life in the Carboniferous, Ordovician and other periods"

The section "Myths and Legends"

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Read my works "Giants and titans - predecessors and contemporaries of people. What was the growth of gods and demons?", "Paleocene-Eocene - the Golden Age of (Humanity) Mankind", "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?", "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood. The amendments brought by geology and folklore", "Yahweh (Jahveh) and  Huitzilopochtli  - who are they? Reflections on the similarity of outcomes of Jews and Aztecs and nature of gods who guided them"  

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