Amaravati, the Capital of Svarga-Hyperborea-Jambudvipa (a fragment of the "Mahabharata") - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Amaravati, the Capital of Svarga-Hyperborea-Jambudvipa (a fragment of the "Mahabharata")

Myths and legends

In the fragment presented below, one of the most poetical descriptions of the city of gods (Adityas) of Amaravati situated on the polar mount Meru, which was one of main cities of Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa), is given. Read and take pleasure in the environment, which was on the North pole thirty or forty million years ago, and which is confirmed by geological explorations.


(The fragment of the Third book of the "Mahabharata" (Aranyakaparva) named by "Vana Parva" or "Silvan ")

41.... Matali has pierced a firmament (and has come to be)
In the world of the sages (very wise).

42. He has shown me, rajah, (other) air chariots,
On the chariot, by dun harnessed, we were lifted all above.

43. Oh, the man excellent, rishi and even (other) gods honour
Rendered (that chariot); Then self moving worlds, the worlds of divine rishis
(We passed by),

44. Of gandharvas, apsaras, gods dazzling lands,
(Blissful) forest of Nandanu and other forests-coppices,

45. Quikly (flickered); to them Matali indicated,  the Charioteer of Sakra (Indra).
At last the abode of Sakra, Amaravati, I have seen

46. (There) are marvellous trees decorated with semi-precious stones, any
Fruits bring.
The sun there does not bake, neither heat, nor chill do not exhaust,

47. There nothing becomes dust, there doesn't present senile infirmity, rajah,
Dotage, oppression, grief are not visible there.

48. Oh, enemies the subjugator, inhabitants of heaven are carefree, great  rajah;
It doesn't present either anger, or greed there, there are sorrowless suras,
Oh, the lord of the people;

49. Gods living in temples are perpetually happy, rajah;
There on trees always flowers and fruits, (always)
Leaves turn green;

50. (There) different ponds, grown with blue
Lotus and lily white, fragrant;
There winnows a fragrant breeze - vivifying, cool, pure;

51. The Earth is decorated by various semi-precious stones,
And beasts feathery (there) are a lot of beautiful, sweet-voiced.

52. It is possible to see many air chariots there,
Flying by in heaven;
I saw a lot of vasavas, Rudras, perfect and Maruts;

53. I saw Adityas, both Ashvin and to all rendered worship;
They (promised) me magnificence, glory, bravery, force,

54. (Art) of possession by the weapon, invincibility in fight.
Then we in the marvellous city have mooved, by gods and gandharvas honoured.

The section "Myths and legends"

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