Alternating of the Power of White Gods and Semidragons-Semipeople in East China in the Pleistocene - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Alternating of the Power of White Gods and Semidragons-Semipeople in East China in the Pleistocene

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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According to the majority of the Chinese myths, Yao had voluntary passed reins of East China government to his helper Shun which was a semidragon-semiman. His father was a dragon similar to Gun, contemporary of Yao.

(this indicates that the reign of Shun began after the early-middle Miocene catastrophe 15.9 million years ago, during which new people appeared, and most likely, fitted (to) a segment of the Dwapara Yuga, less likely, of the Kali Yuga. In this epoch  modern humans with a life expectancy of about 100 years enter the stage of history).

After Shun legendary emperor Shao-Hao began to rule the China. His birth is usually linked with the sky, and his father is often the son of West governor Bai-di which name is translated as «the White governor» or «the White emperor». Sometimes Shao-Hao is called White sovereign - Bai-di. I have considered Shao-Hao as aditya, having noticed that he probability could be gandharva or daitya.

Some sources say that Di Zhi was the following legendary Chinese emperor, however it is not known something about him. After him Sia Yu or Yu had entered on holy table of Heavenly Empire. As well as Shun, he was a semidragon-semiman, and his basic merit, as well as merit of his father Gun, consisted that he had continued business of the father and "had pacified" a deluge which, most likely, had been on the boundary of the Pliocene and Pleistocene (1,75 million years ago) (more likely, at the Miocene and Pliocene boundary, 5.3 million years ago).

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