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A.Koltypin, His Books and Website on the “Unknown”

About the author and his project
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Let me to introduce myself.
I have graduated with honours from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute of S. Ordzhonikidze and then taken post graduate courses at the Institute of Oceanolo
gy at the Russian Academy of Sciences. I have defended my dissertation on the subject of "The geological Features and the History of the Evolution of the Southern Part of Koryak Highland". For 15 years I took part in geological expeditions in Kamchatka, Chukotka, the Dzhugdzhur ridge (a coast of the Okhotsk sea ), the Komandorsky and Kuril Islands, Tien Shang (Kirgyzstan), Southern Kazakhstan, the Ural Mountains and Mugodzhary. In the beginning of the "rearrangement" (1989-1990) a group of researchers holding similar views to my own (from Moscow State University, the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), RAS Institute of Archeology, RAS Institute of Latin America, RAS Institute of Oriental studies and some other scientific organizations) established the “Society for Learning about Earth’s Mysteries and Enigmas” and I have been elected by its president.
We have published about 30 popular science books on different topics of the Unknown, including the widely known (in CIS countries) books of the serial "Books of Mystery", "Secret... Fogotten... Incredible...", "Other worlds" by A. Gorbovsky and others which were out of print after a circulation of 300-500,000. They have since been reissued in England, the USA, Japan and other countries.
From 2003 to the present I have worked as the editor-in-chief for the magazines "Russia's Natural Resources", "Secrets. Discoveries. Adventure," "The Present Owner," "Journal of Environmental Education in Russia". I am currently the Director of the Scientific Center of Fundamental Researches in Natural Science at the International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (IIUEPS), a member of the Academic Council of IIUEPS and a member of the editorial board of "The Bulletin MNEPU" and other scientific works. I participate regularly in conferences and forums on ecology and environmental education.
During the last 20 years I have collected, analyzed and systematized scientific data on different aspects of the Unknown. In 2004, when the  volume of materials I had been collected became so great and my investigations went far beyond the frames of traditional scientific theories, popular scientific publications and even Internet pseudo-scientific hypotheses, it became clear - it was time to introduce my views to a wider audience.
I have prepared a series of works, which have been partly published in the almanac "Mysteries. Discoveries. Adventures". However, I realized soon enough that neither magazines nor almanacs were the correct venues for the volumes of material I have already written and I was just going to have to write my own books. Over the past 5 years, I have written 3 volumes of my envisioned serial of books: "The Book of Lost Knowledge" - "Disappeared Inhabitants of Earth", "Battles of Ancient Gods" and   "The Earth Before the Flood - The World of Sorcerers and Werewolves".
The first and second  of these books listed above have been published, the second as four separate books at that: "The Country of Immortals, Magicians and Sorcerers. When was the "Golden Age" on the Earth", "Battles of Ancient Gods. The History of Wars of Aliens with Native Inhabitants of the Earth", "The Lost World. Where did the material remains of perished civilizations dissappear", "Immortals near by us. Where do the gods and demons live?".  The third book above is currently being published (April 2013) as four separate books: “The Gods and Demons of China, Korea and Japan”, “The Gods and Demons of Ancient Egypt and Sumer”, “The Gods and Demons of Central America and Mexico” and “The Gods and Demons of South America”.
Between 2010-2012 I published a series of popular articles on the geochronology of the antediluvian world and also developed a combined mythological-stratigraphic scale of Earth. My other publications included subjects such as Ancient Hyperborea, Ancient Lemuria, other lost continents, the destruction of old worlds beyond recognition, the driving forces and mechanisms behind the main catastrophes in Earth's history (and here, and here), the time at which the human race began (the creation of the Old Testament and the Koran, the churning ocean of the "Mahabharata" and the Puranas, spinning up of the sky by Japanese legends and myths of the Aztecs and Mayans). I also wrote about the territorialism of the antediluvian world, the military-political alliances and ideologies (and here, and here in Russian) of the white and black gods and demons and how they moved around the globe, the history of women's emancipation, the origins of the matriarchal (look in Russian) and patriarchal societies  (look in Russian), the formation of the human races (and here in Russian), the geological confirmation of nuclear and thermonuclear wars of the past, the catastrophe of 12,000 years ago, which led to global climate change, the loss of mammoths and other animals, the end of the reign of the “white gods”, the “Aryans” with their ancestral home in the Arctic region  (look in Russian), the movement of the ancients to and from other star systems with "Stargates" (look in Russian), the nature of the “demonic essence” of people (look in Russian) and more that is revealed in the ancient books and tales and forgotten in our time.
Unfortunately, in these books, I couldn't manage to answer all questions standing before me. To the contrary, there were even more questions after I finished each new book!

Now I have enough materials, including information acquired during expeditions, to write at least 3-5 more books. They will cover such subjects as white gods, the course of their migrations around the globe, the role of ancient Arctic Lands in the life of “the immortals”, the global spread of antediluvian underground and above ground megalithic complexes (look in Russian, and here), the cradle of "human" civilization on Venus, the driving force of catastrophes on Earth (and here), the reasons for the drift of continents and the “Space Brain” (“Cosmic Mind”) and its "arteries" connecting to all live beings of the Universe. I have no doubt there will be even more questions after writing (with God's help) any of these works. A short human life will hardly suffice to find out the answers to all of these mysteries. Therefore, I have realized it necessary to share my thoughts and hypotheses with all interested persons as soon as possible. (It would be another matter if we lived in an earlier ancient time when "people" had much longer life spans – even upwards of 100,000 years!)
Undoubtedly though, the publishing of books is not enough for my purpose. It is clear with a bookshop visit there are fewer buyers now and it is hard for them to discover on "pulverulent" (dusty) shelves the books necessary to their needs. Moreover, the cost of printing such books is usually 3 times higher than the cost of putting them on the internet. I value the opportunity to see my published works available to all potentially interested readers in whatever way possible. Therefore the decision was made by me to create this website to introduce the results of my investigations to as many people living in Russia and the CIS countries (at the Russian version of the site) and to the remaining world (at the English version of my site) as quickly as possible.

I hope my site will be enthusiastically visited by my supporters, other creatively tuned people who understand the distinct possibility that global myths are our most ancient true histories and other fans of “fantasy” who do not wish to accept as "fact" that mankind has originated from  monkey-like creatures and who want to consider elves, fairies, gnomes, dragons and other mythical beings as real beings who have recently been alive on our planet.
I believe that my ideological opponents will also look at the site; some for the sake of curiosity and to learn of my hypotheses, and others to laugh, call it nonsense and maybe write something insulting. Well, all are welcome, as all of you will improve the rating of my site regardless of what you think about my ideas.
And finally, among the various visitors to my site, there will certainly be those who, owing to their education and inclination, can make serious and important contributions. I am ready to dialogue with all of you concerning different kinds of cooperation - speaking at conferences, lecturing, carrying out of facultative studies with students, writing of manuals, writing of publications in serious and popular scientific magazines (especially if their circulation exceeds 100,000), participation in tv and radio interviews, participation in shooting of films and most importantly the carrying out of scientific researches and expeditions.
With God's help, I regularly travel to study archaeological sites and cultural heritages, during which I have managed to gather more evidence confirming that the research presented in my books and online are still going in the right direction.

Read continuation - my article "The Purpose of This Site - Preparation of a Platform for Education Reform in the Field of Natural Science - The Science and History of Earth"

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