A.Kornazhek. Divide and Dominate! Division of Society, a Science, Religion and Other Spheres of Life is Favorable to the Mighty of This World (Nine Distinctions of a Technocracy and Harmony) - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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A.Kornazhek. Divide and Dominate! Division of Society, a Science, Religion and Other Spheres of Life is Favorable to the Mighty of This World (Nine Distinctions of a Technocracy and Harmony)

Ecological and humanitarian problems. Connection of times
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It is necessary to be the infinite fool to consider life
as something self-evident, to deny that life is a miracle.
Understanding of self gives us responsibility for our thoughts and acts,
understanding of self and responsibility  makes us gods!

Surprising ability of the modern person - to sleep on a way, without thinking of his life  and completely  ignoring the fact that everything is connected in the Universe. Desire to influence reality, without contacting it, without attempt to find a harmonious way of interaction, and to influence barbarous and considerably, stupidly to use, extortionate, greedy, without meaning consciousness in those "things" which are used for the personal purposes (resources, territories). All this is simply some kind of plot of chaos, earlier I didn't see it, now I see, plot of the person against himself; he chose dullness and the chaos, a complete negation of intelligence of the actions from all options, a thirst for control over everything, mechanisticy in everything, according to himself, laws of physics, nature laws.

Division and integrity. Sense of concepts

For consideration of this problem, I import such concepts as division and integrity (a community, link, bond).

What is the integrity? Understanding of that that all events in the world, all substances and energies are connected, more than that, united in the Universe. It is an axiom which is not meaningful to prove. But nevertheless I will give some examples which give a hint that all what is – parts of a uniform organism: lack of casual forms – everything is subordinated to harmonous geometry of fractals, the laws of physics which harmonize, risonate in communication with live organisms, which we realize as an order of the Universe. Its presence gives us vision of this large-scale integrity and symmetry of all reality. The integrity is a fundamental law of spirit-matter. If everything is connected with everything, it means that integrity is wholiness, and the laws of division act in dissonace with this reality.

       What is the division? The preparation of reality without understanding of integrity with which you work. Stratification of all on making parts. Actually, the technocracy is a generation of division of All (Integral) on components. The ugly creation of mankind, and mankind already became the ugly slave of this technocracy.
Division is everywhere. The variety of forms of religion, in general, existence of religion is a generation of division. All sciences –are plot of  division. The state device, economy, human society also is division. All this is constructed that everyone considers that he has no relation to another and doesn't bear any responsibility for anything.

What orange told me about (or my way to this conclusion)

         You can laugh as much as you want. This information I got from an orange. But if all is one, it means there is no difference in that, from where I will receive information - from an angel, the alien, a mosquito or fruit.
He told not literally, I had no glitches with voices. Simply once I peeled the orange and suddenly I saw it, as something not habitual and casual. I understood, with what effort I pull out seeds from its each segment as an internal organs, as germs.
Looked attentively as they are twisted and  connected with pulp small veins, channels. Saw, how I break off a juicy flesh, that each segment is a live, the alive flesh, which can continue this life from each seed. And this form of life doesn't cause any respect or delight in people.
Each segment under a thin skin reminds me a small germ of a small dragon, or a strange insect. With a transparent fragrant juicy solar flesh. And, I saw it not only from a habit to seek everywhere images as an artist, but also because I wanted to See multidimensionally.
Why we treat everything as something usual and casual? Scientists already studied everything, all told us, what miracles can be?
How one can understand that, which doesn't speak in our language, which doesn’t have the same  sense organs as we do and whether are we ready to understand and recognize  other forms of existence of consciousness? Fractals prove us integrity, intelligence of all forms of life, why the beauty and integrity doesn't convince us of it? It is already proved that plants react emotionally, can feel pain, really, can feel! Why the science doesn't go in the direction of such fundamentally very important researches? I will tell you, they are not interested in it. Because the technocracy owns them.
Because Division forbids any scientist to reflect on intelligence of life and existence. They stupidly prepare a live matter without attempt to enter with it in contact and  simply to communicate!
“The killed by me orange” told me about the essence of things in the nature. All forms of life – are alive and possess the consciousness, simply some of them on such a level that for us it is so unclear that we consider  that it doesn’t exist. For example, a tree – another form of existence, differs from ours in so many sides, that we, in general, consider it unconscious. And in general, any being who acts passively in interaction with the person, doesn't cause due respect in us.
If trees start fighting with woodcutters, rising to them with saws, hitting them with electric charges, in order to protect their own life, then people would start respect them as a living form of life! Exactly! But, even here, I think we wouldn't reflect, and wouldn't try to come into contact and communicate with them, and would make some simply technical adaptation to neutralize them.
In general, the omnipotence and visibility of power and impunity blinds us! The truth is so, there are things which are beyond human’s force. For example, elements on which we completely depend on and of which we consist of and which practically don't submit to us (except for those adaptations which we made stupidly to use them - windmills, solar batteries, water turbines etc.) But we again don't understand that they are our blood and flesh and that we consist from this, and that certain forces are stronger than we and we live with them in fight and we oppose ourselves to them!
Whether it is nonsense? While we depend on environment, while it is part of our flesh, and we are her part, the irresponsible and meaningless impact on her (destruction, pollution, distortion) simply is madness, or rightly to say, infantility.

Here already for a long time we learned that we consist of cells that in each organism there are most difficult processes of an exchange. We also learned that there are elementary particles that we are a part of planetary system, the  planetary system is a part of a solar system, th solar system is a part of a  galactic system, the galactic system is a part of a concentration of galaxies, the congestion of galaxies is a part of the Universe. Why we never drew an analogy with our own organism and didn't realize, that we are a part, cells of this reality, energy, system and are participants of cosmic events? Why we deny this integrity? Why we prefer to live thoughtlessly, to consume and not to realize?

Nine distinctions of division and integrity, technocracy and harmony

So, everything that is required from us, is to understand that we are a part of a whole, to enter with it in interaction, not to suffice resources, not to destroy the nature which we are the part, and not to rob ourselves. And here two opposite schemes of existence of the person at a technogenic (division) and harmonious (integrity) way of life:



1. irresponsibility

2. denial of other forms of consciousness

3. egoism, activity only on the most profitable use of resources

4. environmental pollution

5. murder of other forms of life

6. murder of each other

7. aimless existence for the sake of receiving profit, for the sake of a reproduction, for the sake of simple exchange processes and pleasures, as a whole the quite poor.

8. division of all sciences and denial of that, that all processes in the Universe - is one essence, studying them by means of the narrow-minded disciplines, and teaching of all this at schools, training of new generations of people to the same vicious knowledge.

9. legislations of all existing states, economy and politics promote division, support official sciences which are initially vicious and state systems on obtaining material benefit of certain people, maintenance of military power, creation of technologies of murder of the person and other forms of life, creation of religions which support division, denial of alternative consciousnesses of existance. General political direction: management of events and minds, power strengthening, the power is considered as absolute value without which existence of human society is impossible, cultivation in citizens of the states of consumption, thoughtless use of resources, irresponsibility, ignorance, as it is promoted by many modern religions which strengthen this direction of politics in creation of modern ideology of division and irresponsibility.

1. responsibility

2. respect for other forms of life, understanding of other forms of consciousness

3. interaction with the environment, which is based on understanding, that the person is a part of the general planetary system

4. creation and use of technologies and systems, which are integrated in general ecosystem of a planet as a part of an organism, as a body, instead of an alien device

5. respect for other forms of life, communication, contact with them, friendly interaction, ability to understand them, to comprehend the link with them

6. understanding of that, that  being a part of a general organism, murder of another is a murder of oneself

7. the realized existence, search of answers to questions, curiosity, communication with other forms of life, constant attention, understanding of one’s own acts, understanding of cause and efforts of link, aspiration to harmony and happiness, integration in exchange processes with reality, instead of a simple consumption

8. connection of all sciences in certain uniform science, which won't be as it is accepted now, to cut all inexplicable, not keeping within a framework of clear, but to add all new facts, to move deeper into knowledge of an essence of things. All science should be build on construction of Integrity, communication of all with everything. Thus the mankind will come automatically to refusal of religion, the  recognition and understanding of integrity will clean any violence and division, we will understand that all of us is one universal essence

9. government transformation in other form according to new installations and aspirations of mankind. The education reform, first of all, which will give chance to mankind gradually to change and grow up over itself

Motives of reorganization of a state machinery, approaches to economy, a science – we kill ourselves every second by the way we live, we kill our future, the planet on which we live which is part of our being. Reorganization of human politics, system, ways of existence, the redirection of all our existence to the course of understanding and responsibility will make us Gods. We will wake up from a dream, we will rise on the next step of development.

The person – a part of the live Universe. It should be learned since the childhood

(it is a bit of a loftily pathos tone and esoterics)

Throughout a subject of communication with orange. The person is sure that he is an exclusively active part in interaction with animals, birds, mushrooms, bacteria, insects, viruses, generally, all live beings. I already spoke about it. Now I want to add on here also a lifeless matter: minerals and all substances of which we consist and all around, live cells, fabrics and bodies of various beings and ourselves. It is a stone, water, air, iron, the earth and so forth. All this is a construction material for cells of live beings, all these "lifeless" substances give us life, we consist of them, we exchange them with environment, and dying, our body breaks up again to elementary substances.
We depend on our Sun which gives us life, we depend on a planet on which we live. We exchange substance with all Universe, we are a part of this system, after all it is impossible to deny? It is exactly so. Thus, it is impossible to deny that
the Universe is a uniform live organism, a uniform being, consciousness of some highest being. And we are its cells, a part of his/her consciousness, perhaps, neural links. We influence reality through our acts and thoughts, being interwoven into Universal history and Universal organism (and we make this organism sick and disgusting …)

The magic is possible

This is actually the point where I am deeply upset by religions! They don't explain, why we bear responsibility, what is God and that all of us – are an essence of One. It needs to be learned since the childhood, because if the person is brought up responsible and realizing his acts, realizing himself as a part of an organism of the Universe, then, subsequently, the people, I am sure, will become magicians. I am sure that the magic is possible, if development of consciousness will be so high (or abnormal) that can influence a matter and energy only through deep understanding of it, of its secret and its essence.
The human modern consciousness consists of the internal restrictions acquired in the childhood, children are taught by their parents and society, being not realized and responsible, and being the embittered, blinded by fear of life, pain and death, fear to die of hunger, to remain without a roof over the head.
Bring up the new person (child) as a part, a small screw of a state machinery, the citizen, never explaining that he is a part of the Universe. Learn to use, learn to envy, kill, force and accumulate without reflecting, impart similar interests since the childhood because «everybody lives so» and other ways they don't know, and don't want to know.
In the childhood first we are told fairy tales, develop the imagination and belief in a miracle, and then at some age solemnly report that you, after all, not so small, and the Father Frost doesn’t exist anymore! If since the childhood we were learned how to use the certain power wave, directed by our will to move subjects or somehow by another way to cooperate with energies, then we would be able to do so! We would do it as simple and natural as to tie laces or to use a microwave!
But it is out of head of mankind to teach the children to do things what people can’t even think about! More than that, once mankind went absolutely by a different way: the way of technology, technocracy, culture of entertainment, consumption. It didn't develop towards understanding, attention, deep comprehension of an essence of things, to understanding of other forms of consciousness, consciousness of other forms (not people) beings, to understanding of language of animals, birds, plants, insects, etc., didn't study harmonious interaction with them.

Fairy tales – not fiction!
Thus, fairy tales are not fiction! But a real-dimension of the Universe! The myths about different forms of existence which are possible for the person, the wisdom hidden in them. All these conversations with a gray wolf, marriages with a bewitched frog - are not a fiction! It is that what existed many times ago, the time when so-called now "fairy tales" were reality. Otherwise, from where all these legends and myths did come to life?? Later something has happened. There was an arrangement of human consciousness against common sense and nature in favor of a technocracy and division. It was ‘installation’ – not to trust "fairy tales", in real understanding of true nature of the Universe, not to trust in possibility of understanding of her language and in general, not to trust to existence of any communication with her (The Living Universe)… - people asking:  from where did the Universe take her language…  And the person lost understanding of himself, because his nature is merged with the Universe. And the person left to be afraid of death, to suffer from diseases, pain, fear, to hate, consume, blindly and true to move by the way of self-destruction. And everything that we are capable to make out – a fruit of our poor consciousness.

The poor consciousness generates poor vision
We aren't capable to see a miracle now. To comprehend, for example, only with one look a sunlight miracle. The person has a huge lock on his consciousness: «anything else, except my own vision and understanding doesn't exist, there is only that, what I can see and understand!» But at present the consciousness and understanding of mankind is so poor and limited that to speak about miracles and magic simple impossible! The poor consciousness generates poor vision. Defective sight plus defective understanding, and the mankind, as a result, represents this: each person as the cell of this organism, thinks destructively, disharmoniously, generating the Universe of all mankind which suffers, beats, kills, destroys, plunders, deceives itself … The way how each person thinks reflects on humanity, therefore we, everyone of us, are responsible for all humanity. And every day, which we spent, being patients, living in this sick Universe, aggravating its illness, without understanding, without attempt to realize that we do, we lived for nothing.

We should study ourselves that things which were killed in us since the childhood

        Since the childhood we are accustomed not to notice a saturation of the power background surrounding us, to ignore destiny signs, to deny cosmic laws, to say lies to ourselves, to be deaf to an internal voice and dreams, to be inattentive, lazy and sleeping, to drive from ourselves any questions connected with secrets of Life. If only we weren't brought up by magicians. Therefore we ourselves should learn all these things which were killed in us since the childhood. In order not to be a poor hulk of the meat which all interests are reduced only to consumption, reproduction, accumulation.
The person simply refuses his own soul, he lulls her while refuses to listen to her voice, when his low nature forces him to wish only one thing - realization of select a piece of a flesh, to kill, to subordinate to his will the will of other creatures. Therefore our consciousness characterizes us as very dangerous predators: greedy, cruel, and stupid.

Human society is operated by the technocracy

No, no, I am not deny requirement of a body, on the contrary, I consider that our body is much cleverer than our brains. Our body has, exactly, so many millions years, as our ancestors gave us on the long-run way. It is exactly the way, which was done by our DNA to become us. But I remind of sensibleness of using this body, knowledge of it as a divine-cosmic organism, as a part of the planetary system, as a part of the Universe! We, unfortunately, don't know it and even  do not want to know.
Well, it is not favorable for the person to recognize consciousness of other living beings, because he likes to kill and use them as a resource, that’s why he shuts eyes on their pain. He doesn't respect their rights on life, considering other form of life only as a momentary benefit for himself! It is favorable to a certain terrifying essence which operates us now. The Technocracies, perhaps.
To a certain complex which makes us such an aggregate with a state machinery, religion, science and equipment development, and culture of entertainments. The modern society imposes to all mankind that form of life’s organisation, as well as interaction inside the system and with the environment, where everyone opposes itself(himself) to another one and to the nature. Terrible being! All our human society is constructed on continuous, incessant aggression, murder, violence, rage. And here what we have:

                 Human tree. Or my understanding of the Tree of life

        Now I came to a conclusion that it is not necessary to go far to understand and describe such symbol as «The Tree of Life». It is we are. With our roots– ancestors, beings from which we occurred, then there is a trunk, - perhaps consisting of two general ancestors Adam and Eve, or maybe they were named differently, and further it began grow in branches and the mankind bred. Thus, the Tree of life is the Geneological tree, everyone of us is a part of it, and everyone adds to it his own branch, leaving posterity which in turn will branch even more. Thus the Tree of Life also grows through time and space.
I described only «a human tree». And look on the way of this general organism, what this ‘tree of life’ doing on the planet Earth! Eats itself, make itself unfortunate, destroys, kills, cripple its own flesh, hates itself, pollutes the whole world around, cultivates nonsense, unhappiness and aimlessness of the existence. The Terrible predatory , this ‘human tree’.  Generally, it looks very unhuman! Very allien! Don’t you see that?

Coming back to a subject of the fairy tales, which are not a fiction. I suddenly felt as a prince Kaspian from «Chronicles of Narnia» in that chapter where people - conquerors grasped the magic country of Narnia, expelled and destroyed magic beings, forbade to speak about them in general and to believe that these marvelous creations and magic exist. But there were fairy tales which tell the truth to the children. And here, to small Kaspian, the passionate fan of such fairy tales, the truth suddenly opens! He sees that all world is constructed on lie, on concealment of truth about the world in which he lives! That people are strangers in this country! And this country belongs to the Magic mythical creatures, speaking with animals and birds! Just try only to realize something similar! I had a shock only from a hint, from a thought that it can be the truth!

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© A Kornazhek, 2011
© A Fennel, 2013 (translation)

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